28 Discontinued Childhood Snacks That Make Us Weep

We've said it before, and we'll say it again — there was just something special about '90s snacks. As a kid, I lived on Oreo O's, Dippin' Dots, Lunchables, Dunkaroos, Goldfish, Squeezeits...basically all the foods that were totally worth trading for at lunch. (My mom would probably like me to note here that I ate fruits and veggies, too — well, sometimes.)

Unfortunately, only some of our favorite childhood eats have stood the test of time. Others have been discontinued. Tragically, we'll never be able to share the joys of Wonder Balls with our own kids.

To help us remember all of our favorite no-longer-available eats from yesteryear, we asked R29 staffers to share the foods and drinks they miss the most. Check them out, ahead — and who knows, maybe we can convince some of these brands to bring these crave-worthy products back!
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Photo: Courtesy of Post.
Oreo O’s

Okay, eating this cereal was completely unhealthy and basically the equivalent of eating cookies for breakfast, but what we'd do for just one more bowl...
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Photo: Courtesy of Nestle.
Wonder Ball

Oh, I wonder, wonder...what's in a Wonder Ball?! Candy surprises inside of a chocolate ball, plus a sticker? We are still confused as to why these were discontinued, especially with this gem of a commercial.
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Photo: Courtesy of Betty Crocker.

Okay, so you can still technically get these in Canada, but they were the discontinued item that R29 staffers said they missed the most. Take note, Betty Crocker; we want our dippable cookies back!
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Photo: Courtesy of Killer Shake.
Killer Shakes

You can't really beat a berry-flavored shake served in a milk carton. Plus, Wacky Willie, the wave warrior, was the world's best mascot.
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Photo: Courtesy of Nestle.
Exploding Pops

"They had this red filling that had 'Pop Rocks'-like bits in it and the filling was so insanely good; I can't even compare it to anything. I guess they were made by Nestle for the Gargoyles show, so they went defunct. I still think about these almost 20 years later. I still haven't met anyone besides my family who ever had these!" one staffer explained.
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Courtesy of Ralston.
Batman Cereal

"My brother is still pissed at my sister for eating her Batman cereal 22 years ago. It's the running joke in our house and she's been been looking for it on eBay ever since."
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Photo: Courtesy of Squeeze It.

"RIP, Squeezeit. These made day camp bearable."
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Photo: Courtesy of Good Humor.
Bubble Play

"I hold out hope every time I see an ice cream truck. Some would argue that all the character ice creams taste the same. They don't. RIP, Bubble Play!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Altoids.
Sour Altoids

These were SO good. They came in citrus, tangerine, apple, raspberry, and mango. And while they didn't exactly cure bad breath, they were definitely the best "mints" on the market.
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Photo: Courtesy of Coca-Cola.

While it's probably for the best that we're not hooked on these energy drinks anymore, we still miss them all the same.
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Photo: Courtesy of Frito-Lay.
Doritos 3D's

Not only does 3-D mean more surface area, but these chips were way more fun to eat than regular Doritos.
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Photo: Courtesy of Snapple.
Clear Snapple Tru Root Beer

We didn't even realize soda-flavored Snapple existed, but one of our staffers says it was, "Literally my favorite thing from childhood."
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Photo: Courtesy of General Mills.
Frosted Mini Chex

Another staffers says, "BEST. Cereal. EVER. I've searched the Internet far and wide to try and find these with no luck :( :( :(" Also, this commercial pretty much guarantees Frosted Mini Chex cereal is worth a comeback.
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Photo: Courtesy of Nestle.
Butterfinger BB's

These were the perfect movie snack — and Halloween handout. Butterfinger ultimately replaced them with Butterfinger mini bites, but the bigger square candies just aren't the same.
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Photo: Courtesy Kudos Granola Bars.
Kudos Granola Bars

These are technically still on the Mars website, but you can search a million different ways on the store locator and nothing comes up. Tear. Between the M&M's and peanut butter flavors, there was no better after-school snack than a Kudos.
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Photo: Courtesy of Orbitz.

Tiny edible balls floating around in a children's drink? Definitely a choking hazard. But that didn't stop us from loving Orbitz. "I always had to split bottles of Orbitz with my sister and never got to have my own, probably because my mother understood the state of sugar mania I'd enter if I got a full one of those babies to myself," explained one staffer.
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Photo: Courtesy of Keebler.

Pringles currently offers pizza chips, but it definitely wasn't the first brand to do so. Anyone remember these guys from Keebler? Yum!
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Photo: Courtesy of Four Loko.
Four Loko

Four Loko still exists, but it had to change its formula because of serious health risks. As it turns out, mixing alcohol, sugar, and energy drink isn't the best combo. But if we're being totally honest, we did have some good times with Four Loko before we learned we should stay away at all costs.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sara Lee.
Sara Lee Strawberry Cupcakes

We couldn't even find a photo of the strawberry cupcakes (RIP) anywhere on the web, but one of our staffers says she still thinks about them from time to time.
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Photo: Courtesy of Philadelphia.
Strawberry Cheesecake Snack Bars

Can you imagine the huge lawsuit if someone tried to call a straight-up dessert a "snack bar" nowadays? We'd still eat one of these as an after-school work snack, though.
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Photo: Courtesy of Hi-C.
Hi-C Ecto Cooler

This much-missed drink was created as part of a collab with the Ghostbusters TV show back in the '80s. The drink was eventually renamed, but devastatingly, the flavor was discontinued altogether.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lunchables.
Taco Bell Lunchables

For better or worse, Lunchables are still around. But our favorite versions were part of a Taco Bell partnership. It was like getting fast food for lunch without leaving the yard! "No, I won't trade you for your boring regular Lunchable, thank you very much!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Austin.
Dolphins & Friends

One staffer says Dolphins & Friends, "Were like next-level goldfish, not only in marine life representation, but taste — they were crispier and tastier. Probably saltier, to be honest. Whatever it was, they didn't taste like any other cheesy cracker. Now everytime I eat Goldfish, I just think, Damn, what the hell happened to Dolphins & Friends?"
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Photo: Courtesy of Planters.
Cheez Balls

Because it totally makes sense that a peanut company would make "Cheez" balls. (Remember when EVERYTHING in the '90s was spelled with a Z?) Despite the product weirdness, they were really good.
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Photo: Courtesy of Ouch!
Ouch! Bubble Gum

This isn't really a food, but in our humble opinion, all sticks of gum should still be shaped like bandaids.
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Photo: Courtesy of Häagen-Dazs.
Vanilla Honey Bee Ice Cream

Part of an effort to "save the bees," this limited-edition flavor was one of our staffer's favorite frozen treats to date. "Just thinking about it is making my mouth water," she said.
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Photo: Courtesy of Heinz.
Heinz EZ Squirt Purple & Green Ketchups

This product was probably the weirdest way ever to get kids excited about ketchup, but it definitely worked. We still miss being slightly grossed out by our green and purple "gack" covered fries.
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Photo: Courtesy of Snapple.
Snapple Elements

Snapple would name kooky drink flavors like Grape Cranberry, Agave Cactus, Starfruit Orange, and Dragonfruit after elements. We desperately miss Earth, Rain (obviously the best of the bunch), Sun, and Fire!