10 Detanglers To Try Before You Reach For The Weed Whacker

Like filing your taxes or bringing bae home to meet your judgmental relatives, detangling your hair is one of those painful but necessary processes in life that can't be avoided. No one likes seeing a wig's worth of dead hair in the sink or on the shower floor... especially when you've spent a decent amount of time slathering your hair with a nourishing mask that ended up doing nada.
Don't be discouraged — successful detangling is simply a matter of finding the right product for your texture. "If you have a knot in your hair, it can always be worked out with product," Kim Etheredge, one of the founders of Mixed Chicks, says. Keep scrolling to see picks from the pros for every hair type, ahead.
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Coarse Curls

"My favorite detangler is Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In. Besides smelling amazing, it has moisturizers to help soften natural hair. It lubricates it so that the comb just glides through," Derick Monroe, who works with Tyra Banks and Justine Skye, says.
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Loose Curls

"The entire Oribe line is great, and this detangler is especially effective for coarse to curly hair — I just mix it with water," Shirley Gordon, a Clairol color expert, says. The finer your hair, the less conditioner you should use in your DIY cocktail.

Oribe Conditioner for Moisture & Control, $46, available at Oribe.
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Fine Or Fragile Hair

"My clients who [have] weak, overly dry, and thinning hair benefit from this product greatly," says Lisa Scott, MC Lyte's hairstylist. It's somehow both weightless and intensely moisturizing. We don't get it, but we won't question it.

Carol's Daughter Mirabella Plum Leave- In Biotin Conditioner, $11, available at Carol's Daughter.
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Dry Hair

"This helps to soften the hair and makes the ends manageable. It’s great to prep the hair for style changes and excellent for extensions," says Clyde Haygood, who works with Demi Lovato. Even better, you can use it to refresh day one (or two or three) hair.

Kardashian Beauty Take 2 Dry Conditioner, $15, available at JC Penney.
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Dyed Hair

"This is great for all textures, very light on the hair, and doesn't require much else," Gordon says. The protective blend also makes hair crazy-shiny — and prevents color fading, especially on redheads.

Wella Brilliance Leave-In Balm, $13.90, available at Ulta.
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Blonde Hair

"I found the perfect detangler," Clariss Rubenstein, whose clients include Allison Williams and Sofia Vergara, praises. "If you only use one product in your hair, use this. 7Seconds by Unite makes the tangles slide right out, and it conditions the hair leaving it healthy and shiny."

Laura Polko, who works with Kim Kardashian and Shay Mitchell, agrees. "It helps me brush out my over processed bleached hair without snapping it off." (For the record, we love it, too.)

Unite 7Seconds Detangler, $28, available at Unite.
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Relaxed Hair

Scott heads to the kid's aisle for her detanglers. "This one is soft to the touch, but still strengthens the hair," she notes.

Dark and Lovely Beautiful Beginnings Detangler, $5.78, available at Amazon.
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Thick Hair

"Aussie's Hair Insurance smells good and doesn't leave my hair feeling like I didn't fully wash out all my conditioner, like other drugstore products do," Polko says.

Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner, $3.43, available at Walmart.
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Protective Styles

"For those with extensions and need extra love and care for their hair, my go-to is the Enjoy Conditioning Spray," Haygood says. "It’s a lightweight, leave-in conditioner that hydrates and soothes hair without making it heavy. It’s great for girls who work out a lot, or who like to shampoo a lot, because it gives added conditioning qualities since too much washing can dehydrate you."

Enjoy Conditioning Spray, $21.95, available at Enjoy.
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