Totally Wild Jewelry: We're Crushing On This Local Gal's New Collection!

It may have started 20 or so years ago with Sesame Street and The Muppet Show, but our obsession with monsters is still going strong, thanks to D.C. jewelry designer Rachel Pfeffer’s new Where the Wild Jewels Are collection.
Pfeffer had been working with super-sparkly drusy stones and tiny brass triangles for a while when she noticed how much her pieces resembled those lovable beasts from every kid's fave picture book. But even better than Max’s pals, Pfeffer’s monsters are true party animals. With a playfully glam glitter finish and names like “Triceratops Sunrise” and “Birthday Party Monster,” each piece delivers its own punch of quirky personality.
These are seriously going to be our new little pets, so don’t be surprised if you catch us cooing to the wild thing draped around our necks. And — here's where it gets awesome — to welcome Refinery29 to the neighborhood, Pfeffer is offering Refinery 29 readers 15% off until November 12. All you need to do is use the code “Refinery29DC” at checkout. So, which sparkly monster will you snag? Click through the slideshow to get acquainted with the whole gang.
Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Pfeffer
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A sampling of the prehistoric-glam Where the Wild Jewels Are collection by local designer Rachel Pfeffer.
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The Green Monster, $182.
This lush, rainforrest-green bad boy is made from a rare garnet stone called Uvarovite — the color is totally natural. A cocktail ring sure to be a conversation starter.
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Birthday Party Monster, $98.
Pair this party-ready piece with a simple, monochromatic look and let the monster do the talking.
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Triceratops Sunrise, $98.
Pfeffer says she "can't decide if this looks more like a blue sun rising/setting, or a super stylish triceratops." We say: Why not both?
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Spikey Blue Fish, $97.
Although Pfeffer likens him to a fish with a mohawk, we think this guy looks a bit like another loveable monster from our past — Pac-Man! Simultaneously cheeky, sophisticated, and badass.
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The Ring Leader, $162.
A deep, rough amethyst geode and dainty brass triangles make for an edgy statement ring.
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Pink with Fangs, $128.
The stone, called Cobalto Calcite, is a rare and naturally colored stone. It's just how we like our pink: girly, with a bite.
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The Big Blue Bang, $124.
"This ring definitely had a prehistoric feel by the time I was done with it," Pfeffer says. Maybe this is what the Big Bang looked like...