15 Top-Notch Local Design Bloggers (And Pinners!) To Follow Now

Confession: We love — like, really love — a good home-decor blog. Since the decline of Domino (We shed some very real tears back then, so we'll believe this relaunch news when we see it. But we digress…), we've kept our Google Readers filled to the brim with eye-catching, extra-clickable sites to keep our creative cravings sated. We're talking the whole package — some original photography, a bit of DIY flavor, and plenty of shoppable posts.
And in case you hadn't noticed, we also really love our hometown. That's why we're psyched to introduce you to some of our favorite local design aficionados who keep their blogs and Pinterest boards so packed with good stuff, we can't resist browsing on the regular. (Indeed, in the process of narrowing down our list, we went on quite the "Save-Image-As" spree. Oops.) So, check out our top picks for aesthetic awesomeness, straight from the blogosphere, right here in our backyard.
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Dear Heart DC
Formerly known as Department of the Interior, this blog, manned by Jenn Lore, launched in 2009 as an outlet for Lore's interest in interior design. Since then, it's evolved into a visual diary of fashion, food, and home-decor inspiration. Or, as Jenn writes, a resource for "living in a way that makes you truly happy." We love her picks for cozy, earthy-chic interior shots and DIY-able design elements.

Photo: Via Dear Heart
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The Pursuit of Style
The anonymous blogger behind this color-and-print-happy site won us over with enviable snapshots of her home, which she artfully arranges with an eye for bright hues and curated whimsy. She rounds out the mix with fashion and beauty picks and a weekly In Pursuit feature that never fails to expand our own shopping lists.

Photo: Via The Pursuit of Style
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Red Barn Mercantile
Amy Rutherford, owner of Old Town Alexandria shop Red Barn Mercantile, keeps track of her inspirations on Pinterest, and we're hooked on her board of vintage-influenced decor images. Here, she collects loads of ideas for hanging pictures, arranging pillows, and more.

Photo: Via Red Barn Mercantile
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Tina Romero has an established blog documenting her fashion obsessions, but we're crushing on her Pinterest board, which combines clean, contemporary design with pretty, colorful vintage finds.

Photo: Via East.Love.West
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My Notting Hill
For four years running, Michele Ginnerty has been collecting design crushes from around the web, paying special attention to local editorials and the work of Washington-area design pros. She recently started contributing to Washingtonian mag's home design blog, so you can get a double dose of her aesthetic inspiration.

Photo: Via My Notting Hill
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Mimi + Meg
Brand strategist and digital media consultant Meg Biram (oh yeah, and she's a painter, too) keeps us inspired with her collection of lust-worthy interiors, artworks by new and upcoming artists, and the occasional fashion-and-beauty-related find. We're fans of her distinct taste and attention to color and form.

Photo: Via Mimi + Meg
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Aesthetic Oiseau
The pet project of web designer Daniela M. Shuffler, this site leans toward traditional design, and brightens our days with the occasional burst of unexpected color or a wild print. Fans of all things preppy will feel right at home here.

Photo: Via Aesthetic Oiseau
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Fig. 2
Bethesda-based stationery designer Claudia Smith of Fig. 2 Design Studio curates a Pinterest board of supremely DIY-able ideas (like these clever tea tins-turned-fridge-magnets), unique ideas for storage, and fun, colorful accents.

Photo: Via Fig. 2
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Pure Style Home
Interior designer Lauren Liess uses her blog to showcase before-and-after photos of her clients' abodes, as well as her own. We like the approachable nature of her site, and the bounty of design ideas we get after a few clicks.

Photo: Pure Style Home
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Alejandra Owens
The One Bite at a Time blogger focuses on home inspiration for her Pinterest board, aptly titled I Want That In My House. We're swooning over the country-rustic flavor, as well as the dreamy images of ultra-cozy beds. Yes, please.

Photo: Via Alejandra Owens
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A Glossy Life
Author Abby documents her kitschy-cute finds here, along with shopping trip photos and inspiration from sources ranging from weddings to fashion to books.

Photo: Via A Glossy Life
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Kate Headley
Photographer Kate Headley certainly has an eye for gorgeous, lush visuals, and she keeps her Pinterest boards chock-full of awe-inspiring images. We're drawn to her affinity for vintage and antique finds, and her picks are infinitely re-pin-worthy.

Photo: Via Kate Headley
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Le Voyage Vogue
Le Voyage Vogue blogger Laura Fenwick has a thing for exotic interiors, and after ogling her Pinterest board devoted to far-flung interiors, we do, too. We're loving the vibrant hues and airy spaces she showcases.

Photo: Via Le Voyage Vogue
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Erin Doland of Unclutterer maintains a Pinterest board that gives new meaning to the term "industrial chic." Expect lots of subway tiles, rough wood finishes, and clean lines.

Photo: Via Unclutterer
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Suann Song
Suann Song, blogger, stationery guru, and owner of Old Town's Fifteen Eleven, keeps us coming back to her Pinterest board because of its incredibly simple beauty. Her love for clean, unfussy design is evident, and ultra-inspiring.

Photo: Via Suann Song