It's National Doughnut Day! Here's How To Do It Right

UPDATE: Who could have guessed that the humble doughnut would give the DMV’s abundant cupcake shops a run for their money? Believe it or not, it's true. And, we're not just talking about the typical glazed variety, either — we’ve found mouth-watering variations in flavors that you would never have imagined. Since it's National Doughnut Day today, we're celebrating with a handy guide to the DMV's best spots for getting your sugar fix. This article was originally published on February 27, 2013.
District Doughnut and Coffee
Offering flavors such as cannoli, caramel-apple-streusel, and coconut-lime, this shop currently caters and delivers to locations throughout the DMV.
District Doughnut and Coffee, no address; 571-215-6122.
Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken
Crème brûlée, pistachio, and Saigon cinnamon doughnuts, served with buttermilk fried chicken on the side? Yep, it's a real thing — and it's really delish. If you haven’t been to Astro Doughnuts yet, stop dawdling and get there, stat.
Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken, 1308 G Street NW; 202-809-5565.
Short for "golden, brown, and delicious," GBD's Dupont Circle outpost offers a tasty mix of doughnuts and fried chicken, as well as an evening cocktail bar menu.
GBD, 1323 Connecticut Avenue NW; 202-555-5555.
Photos: Courtesy of Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken; District Doughnut and Coffee
Craving a more traditional take on the doughnut? Here's where to find the sweet treats, along with a full menu:
Heller’s Bakery
The Mount Pleasant staple sticks with the classics, including glazed, chocolate with sprinkles, and Boston cream.
Heller's Bakery, 3221 Mt. Pleasant Street NW; 202-265-1169.
Tabard Inn
The freshly fried doughnuts come with cinnamon sugar and vanilla whipped cream during Saturday and Sunday brunch.
Tabard Inn, 1739 N Street NW; 202-331-8528.
Palena Café
The weekend brunch menu at this Cleveland Park spot features fresh lemon- or chocolate-glazed doughnuts. Yum!
Palena Café, 3529 Connecticut Avenue NW; 202-537-9250.
Bayou Bakery
Stop by for a trio of hot beignets topped with powdered sugar, the traditional fried treat of NOLA.
Bayou Bakery, 1515 North Courthouse Road, Arlington; 703-243-2410.
DGS Delicatessen
Try the Jewish-Hungarian version of doughnuts called teiglach, which are served warm and covered in a lemon-honey sauce with hazelnut brittle and toasted almonds.
DGS Delicatessen, 317 Connecticut Avenue NW; 202-293-4400.
Get ready to house some Balkan-style doughnuts, made with puff pastry, filled with cream, and topped with powdered sugar.
Ambar, 523 8th Street SE; 202-813-3039.
Lyon Hall
Pick from a selection of four types of fresh doughnuts to kickstart your brunch.
Lyon Hall, 3100 North Washington Boulevard, Arlington; 703-741-7636.
Start your hangover off right with a complimentary basket of doughnuts. Free and delish? Sign us up.
Bourbon, 2321 18th Street NW; 202-332-0800.
Founding Farmers
Make sure to save room for dessert here, where the made-to-order beignets come with three dipping sauces: raspberry coulis, semi-sweet chocolate sauce, and caramel sauce.
Founding Farmers, 1924 Pennsylvania Avenue NW; 202-822-8783.
Darlington House
During brunch, doughnut holes are served warm with caramel and chocolate dipping sauces.
Darlington House, 1610 20th Street NW; 202-332-3722.
Plan to allow 15 minutes for the kitchen to prepare a mountain of doughnut holes, served with a respectable amount of powdered sugar.
Rustico, 827 Slaters Lane, Alexandria; 703-224-5051.
Photo: Courtesy of GBD

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