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DANNIJO X Man Repeller's Collab Is Perfect For One-Night-Stands

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    We've relied on DANNIJO to get us a dude's number, a second date, hell, even an invite up for "drinks." So, consider our initial reception to the brand's latest news, a collab with Leandra Medine, the blogger behind the Man Repeller (and a columnist right here!) lukewarm at best. But after peeping the collection, cutely called MR. DANNIJO, we're heating up. We've got some exclusive shots of the pieces (peep the slideshow), which range from a giant mustache necklace to an equally enormous bow-tie, and while they might not get you a nookie from a man, you guaranteed to get, in the words of Leandra, "a lady boner." And, actually, maybe more—check out our mini Q&A with DANNIJO designers Jodie and Danielle Synder before you make your decision!

    If you are looking for a date or a one-night stand, should you not wear these pieces?
    "You should definitely wear these pieces because they're conversation pieces and we guess that's considered man-getting. What's an easier pickup line than, 'why are you wearing a mustache?'"

    What is girl-repelling on guys?
    "Class rings, tight V-necks, chain necklaces (unless you're Kayne), anklets, Puka bead necklaces, plumber's crack (unless you're Kris Cross), anything that advertises for a brand (ie. Abercrombie, Armani...shouldn't they be paying you to wear that?), speedos (unless your a professional swimmer), fedoras, T-strapped Birkenstocks..."

    Do girls wear man-repelling stuff to attract other girls? "Yes, sorry guys, girls pretty much dress for each other even though we want to attract you. It's like 'no' means 'yes'—we're so complex."

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