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Sneak Peek: The Entire The Curiosity Shoppe At Target Collection!

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    Since The Curiosity Shoppe at Target collection was announced nearly four months ago, we've waited anxiously to see the results, especially after learning that nothing in the 60-plus-piece line would top $25! And now, bargain shoppers, the time has come to reveal all the goodies.

    At a private unveiling at Stable Cafe on Wednesday night, the husband-and-wife duo (Lauren Smith and Derek Fagerstrom) behind the much-beloved S.F. shop showed off the fruits of their labor with the mass retailer. "They approached us out of the blue about a year ago," explains Smith of the beginnings of the collab. "A couple of people from Target visited and told us about this Shops at Target program they were doing. And it was just a perfect fit. We started designing almost immediately."

    As for the parameters of the line, the pair knew they would need to focus on kitchenware, stationery, and gift items. And, from there, the sky was the limit. "We started thinking about the criteria of the things we bring into our home. And it's usually something that is fun and functional and tells a story or reminds us of a cool experience we had," explains Smith. "When we got married in 2004, we took a road trip to the Midwest and went to Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, junk shops, and just explored. So, we have a bunch of that stuff in our home — from the little trays we eat off of and the salt and pepper shakers we use."

    That sense of Americana and story-telling ("even if it's a made-up story," says Fagerstrom) is definitely the consistent string in the collection, which includes everything from a USA-shaped cheese board, to tea towels with kitschy road trip-inspired prints. See the entire mega-fun line right here in our gallery before heading to Target or on September 9th to start purchasing.

    Photo: Courtesy of Target

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