How To Never Be Brassy Again

Photographed by Amelia Alpaugh.
For women who dye their hair blonde, or even certain shades of brunette, brassy hues are like cockroaches after the apocalypse. They just keep on keepin' on, reappearing no matter how cool-toned your original shade was. Blame the sun, your shampoo, or the Goddess of Blonde: Regardless of the cause, once that brass shows up, you gotta deal with it, stat. (Unless you like it, in which case, you do you — and maybe send this article to a friend who needs it.)
When your color turns brassy, it can be tempting to just call the salon and have it redone. But, that habit gets expensive real fast — plus, most colorists recommend waiting six to eight weeks between dye jobs to avoid damage. What's an unintentionally brass-ified girl to do? Ahead, the products you need to stay cool — in more ways than one.
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This foaming gloss has a permanent place in our showers, for good reason. It once maintained the frosty baby-blond that Jessica Simpson sported at her wedding, so it can definitely cut through our brassy tones — and even prevent them. Use it after you shampoo, and let it sit for about five minutes. It'll make your locks extra shiny, too. "You'll notice a difference after one or two washes," celebrity hair colorist Rita Hazan tells us.

Worth noting: This product works well on blond, brown, and gray hair.

Rita Hazan Ultimate Shine Gloss in Breaking Brass, $26, available at Sephora.
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The violet tone in this conditioner allows you to balance out the brass — but only as much as you need. Redken Creative Color Consultant Tracey Cunningham recommends first using it the day after you get your hair dyed, and increasing the amount with time. She says, "You can dial [up to] as much violet as you want, but most girls go straight to 10!"

Redken Blonde Idol Custom-Tone Conditioner, $32, available at Redken for salons.
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This option is known for lightening up sun-kissed strands. "My favorite summer shampoo and conditioner is R+Co's Sunset Blvd," John Ruggiero, stylist to Michelle Monaghan and Ashley Graham, says. "They're purple to give summer blonds that extra brightness."

R+Co Sunset Blvd Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner, $29 each, available at R+Co.
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Brassy hues plague brunettes, too — but not if they're armed with this teal mousse, which is specifically designed to eliminate orange and red from dark hair.

Color Wow Brass Banned Mousse, $24, available at Amazon.
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Of course, the hair wizards behind Pravana would come up with a clever blue-green shampoo and conditioner for brunettes.

Pravana The Perfect Brunette Brunette Toning Shampoo, $19.99, available at Ulta.
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Chlorine, heavy metals (not the fun, musical kind), and chemicals in your tap water can wreak havoc on blond hair, adding brassiness and sometimes even tinges of green. This water purification system removes almost all of those undesirables from your shower and keeps your color fresh, shiny, and green-free.

Aquasana Deluxe Shower Water Filter System with Adjustable Showerhead, $63.74, available at Amazon.
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This system boosts color, and helps hair in need of some nourishment. "It has become my number one recommendation to all my clients for damaged hair," stylist Bridget Brager reveals. "It's part protein with a ton of moisture and leaves the hair so shiny."

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner, $28 and $30, available at Ulta.
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