29 AWESOME Wedding Bands To Fit Your Style

This post was originally published in February 2015.

First comes love, then comes marriage. That's the standard sequence of events in everyone's favorite playground song — likely the result of some steamy k-i-s-s-i-n-g in a certain tree. For grown-ups taking their romantic relationship to the next level, it's first comes engagement ring, then comes wedding band. Then, hopefully, happily ever after.
Fantasizing about the "perfect" engagement ring is pretty universal — be it an Etsy find, a vintage piece, or a contemporary design. In contrast, wedding bands can often feel like something of an afterthought. But, the way we see it, any piece of jewelry you're committing to wear on your big day (and every day) should befit your personal style. You want to be sure you'll be looking down at a ring you actually love wearing. To provide you with some inspiration, we gathered 26 gorgeous bands to shop in this slideshow — click ahead and prepare to fall in love.
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Speckling around the black diamond gives an otherwise simple, 14-karat gold band loads of character.
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"Je t'aime" is engraved on one side of this ring — a reminder of the sentiment that put it on your finger.
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White and yellow gold are a perfect match — just like you and your S.O.
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Here you thought fishtail braids were only for hair.
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Cartier's sleek, geometric design offers just the right amount of sparkle.
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This organically shaped band is crafted from reclaimed gold and conflict-free diamonds.
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An arrow motif runs symmetrically around the band's circumference.
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One for each partner, or two for a unique, ceremonial stack.
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The circle of love (and life).
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The band is slightly curved to fit as a stacking ring for solitaire engagement rings.
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Spending eternity with your beloved is all rainbows as far as fine-jewelry designer Kathryn Bentley is concerned.
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Featuring 17 glistening diamonds, the ring's channel setting has a modern, minimal feel.
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An ideal stacking ring, Okimodo's band is also budget-friendly.
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Elsa Peretti's sculptural design is made more unique with accent yellow diamonds.
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The raw, eroded finish of this band reveals white sapphires of different sizes that seem haphazardly cast within.
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Let's just say that these coordinating bands are all that a commitment ring implies and more.
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This delicate band's floating elements — a white gold sphere and diamond — are truly unique.
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Red is the color of love, is it not?
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The buckle motif seen here was especially popularity in the 1800s, "characterizing enduring love, fidelity, strength, and protection," according to Workhorse.
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It takes two to tango.
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A subtler way to set one's love in stone.
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The pop-out leaf motif is subtle, but arresting — proof that "simple" doesn't have to mean "plain."
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Fit for a special person for their special day.
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The thickness of the 18k gold band is offset by the diamonds, well, sprinkled throughout.

Ananda Khalsa Yellow Gold And "Sprinkle" Band Ring, $2,365, available at Love Adorned.
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Sweet as honey (and your love).

Anita Ko Diamond Honeycomb Ring, $4,425, available at Anita Ko.
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This band isn't just incredibly lovely — it's also representative of a good cause: 10% of proceeds from the ring go towards the non-profit Oceana.

Selin Kent Ocean Blue Eternity Ring, $1,250, available at Selin Kent.
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Suzanne Kalan's unconventional approach to a baguette diamond setting is perfect for the bride who's not about following the wedding "rules."

Suzanne Kalan Firework Bar Diamond Baguette Band, $1,400, available at Twist.
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Have the ceremony décor match your wedding band (or vice versa).

Tacori Sculpted Crescent Band, $3,780, available at Tacori.
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A very literal celebration of love.

Sarah and Sebastian Traced Heart Ring (Gold), $295, available at Sarah and Sebastian.