Move Over, Mason Jars — THIS Is The Hot New Kitchen Item

Photographed by Sean Santiago.
Are your shelves constructed out of reclaimed plywood and pipe? Is your Ikea-hacked bookcase saddled with tomes you've re-covered in brown paper? It might feel like you've DIY-ed every last nook and cranny of your apartment, but we've got one more frontier for you to tackle: your kitchen.

It's a slightly trickier spot for the DIY-obsessed. Hacking a new oven out of cardboard boxes and a Bic lighter is kind of out of the question. But color-blocking is having a kitchen moment, and the humble cutting board is the unsung, hackable hero of your culinary tools.

Inspired by a luncheon at which the cutting boards were effortlessly upgraded with choice swaths of Ralph Lauren Paint (the board at right is outfitted with a couple coats of Chamois), we decided to round up a few of the most colorful options around, to get your creative juices flowing. Perfect for serving, but still totally practical when finished, this is a trend we can get behind — with knives at the ready.
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Paint one edge of your cutting board, or divide it up into graphic, geometric sections for added visual interest. Our guide to unexpected color pairings is sure to inspire.
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Remodelista suggests using eco-friendly milk paints for kitchen surfaces, but a coated acrylic paint can work as well.
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If you're feeling bold, paint your flatware to match your newly-hued cutting board. Creating a "set" adds a personal touch and would make a great gift.
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Pale pastels work well with warm woods like maple — while bold, bright accent colors work best with darker tones, like walnut.
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If you're still not convinced of the worthiness of this trend, make like Martha Stewart and paint just the edges. It's a more understated effect that's no less interesting.
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Martha also suggests color-coding all of your kitchen utensils as a great way to keep things organized — and to prevent yourself from cross-contaminating your spoons.