Why You Need To Stock Up On Cetaphil Moisturizers — Stat!

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    It's pretty obvious that despite our admitted love for the luxe, we're unabashedly in love with a few key drugstore beauty products. The latest and greatest fancy cream can be a treat, but sometimes (and especially in the summertime) a basic, light, and cheap moisturizer — like Cetaphil's always-trusty line — is where it's at.

    Of course, our giant tub of Cetaphil cream may stand out against a sea of shiny lipstick tubes or glossy crystal jars, but you know what? It takes care of business whenever our faces and body are feeling irritated and dry. And, now that the label has added products with sun protection and for sensitive skin, you can be sure we're stocking up the next time we hit up the corner drugstore.

    Take a look at some of our fave Cetaphil moisturizers, and rest assured — it's not always necessary to splurge when it comes to quality skin care.

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