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12 Reasons To Give Your Ponytail An Upgrade

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    The ponytail. Many are the days when we’ve thrown our tresses into the familiar style, only to walk around justifying it to everyone we meet. “I just couldn’t even deal with my hair today,” we explain to anyone giving us side-eye. “I came from the gym and just left my hair up there. I. Simply. Cannot.” But, what did the ponytail ever do to us — except always get us out of a hair bind?

    It’s time we quit shunning this old standby and embrace it for what it actually is: an easy, DIY updo that, when done correctly, can actually make you look incredibly polished and put-together. Since no one shows us how to do a ponytail better than a celebrity sporting one on the red carpet, we tracked down 12 A-lister-approved styles you'll actually be proud to wear. Yeah, we said it.

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