These Are The Best BYOB Restaurants In NYC

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
BYOB (bring your own booze) may be one of the sweetest acronyms around. Especially in NYC where restaurants' legendary nosh is matched with more than legendary prices. That spaghetti carbonara with the 2010 bottle of Montepulciano? Yeah, it doesn't come cheap. So when those four little letters are printed or uttered in order, us New Yorkers do backflips — and then immediately rush to the nearest spirits store.
Yes, you can dine out in NYC without totally blowing your budget — all you have to do is check out some of the killer BYOB joints ahead. In the mood for sushi? No sweat, there's a BYOB spot for that. How about some lovely French cuisine in the West Village? Yep, a BYOB spot for that too.
So stock up on your bottles of choice and get to it!
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Toad Style
Bushwick's go-to spot for casual, cheap, and insanely tasty vegan eats also happens to be BYOB-friendly. So stop in with your favorite 6-pack of seasonal IPA, or a bottle of chilled vino, and chow down on any one of their bomb savory menu offerings.

Toad Style, 93 Ralph Avenue (at Putnam Avenue); 347-789-1589.
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Song E Napule
This Neapolitan pizzeria serves up affordable and authentic Italian pies and pastas in a cozy downtown setting. Add all of that on top of the bonus BYOB deal and you've got NYC dining gold on your hands. This sweet spot is cash-only, so be sure to hit the ATM before biting into a slice or uncorking that brought-from-home bottle.

Song E Napule, 146 West Houston Street (Between Sullivan and Macdougal Street); 212-533-1242.
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Astoria Seafood
This casual, family-owned joint in Astoria offers up counter service make-your-own seafood orders with BYOB to boot — so you can sip your chilled bottle of pale ale while you munch on a plate of crispy calamari.

Astoria Seafood, 3710 33rd Street (at 37th Avenue); 718-392-2680.
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Cherin Sushi
Swing by Cherin in the East Village for some majorly fresh, and fairly priced, sushi. The digs are cozy, so be sure to show up early (or call ahead and reserve). Nothing like a cold beer and a spicy tuna roll!

Cherin Sushi, 306 E. 6th Street (at 2nd Avenue); 212-388-1348.
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Tartine Restaurant
Tartine in the West Village is truly a hidden gem — that's no longer so hidden. A tiny, cash-only, French bistro with delectable dishes and BYOB to boot. Make sure you arrive early as patrons have been known to line up down the block for a taste of that warm onion tart (it's bomb).

Tartine Restaurant, 253 W. 11th Street (at W. 4th Street); 212-229-2611.
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Lucali's pizzeria in Brooklyn has been made legendary by the likes of Beyoncé and Jay-Z stopping by for a slice — but the pizza alone is what sings. On top of all this buzz, the red sauce joint is cash-only (so super affordable) AND BYOB. Grab your favorite red vino and arrive VERY early to snag a spot.

Lucali's, 575 Henry Street (at Carroll Street) in Brooklyn; 718-858-4086.
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Pure Thai Cookhouse
This Hell's Kitchen Thai eatery dishes out hot and handmade noodles in a freshly no frills setting (dare we say hole-in-the-wall?) So stop by with your brews or bottles of choice and be sure to order up the crab and pork egg noodles with ALL the toppings.

Pure Thai Cookhouse, 766 9th Avenue (at W. 51st Street); 212-581-0999.
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Milon Bangladesh
Now here is a BYOB joint worthy of a celebration — and not for any particular occasion. The (potential fire hazard) Indian restaurant's ceiling is festively strung with a myriad of colorful lights. And as with most of the other BYOBers on this list, be sure to call ahead or arrive early as this tight space gets jammed with a young and boozy crowd. But if you're looking to enjoy your butter masala in a loudly lit scene, then grab that Pinot Grigio and go!

Milon Bangladesh, 93 1st Avenue (at E. 6th Street); 212-228-4896.
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