29 Easy Ways To Burn 100 Calories A Day

Okay, so you already have some smart food tricks under your belt that can help shave some calories off here and there. While cutting calories is good, it's only half the battle. To keep weight off, you need a one-two diet-and-exercise punch.
That's why, this time, the pros from Fitist gave us crazy-good workout moves. Do them on their own or add them on to your usual routine, and you'll push the calorie-scorching through the roof. Because these moves range in the 100 calorie arena — and you have to burn 3,500 of those bad boys to shed a single pound — when coupled with a balanced diet, the result will be a totally fitter, healthier you. And, well, what could be better than that?
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1. "Instead of running or biking at a steady pace, add in a few intervals where you alternate high intensity routines with moderate recovery periods (So, if you are running for 30 minutes, add in at least three sprints for 30 seconds). This helps you push past plateaus to get your heart rate up and burn more calories." — David Kirsch, a personal trainer and wellness expert in NYC and founder of Madison Square Club gym and David Kirsch Wellness

2. "Vary your workout! Increase both the duration and intensity of your cardio exercise a couple of times a week. So, say, if you are doing 30 minutes on the elliptical, make it 45. In terms of intensity, if you are at level three, go to a level five. —DK

3. "When you’re on the treadmill, do a 30-20-10 interval cycle to rev up your metabolism and burn 100 calories in 10 minutes. First, warm up for two minutes, running at a moderate pace, then bump up to a jog for 30 seconds; next, run for 20 seconds and sprint for 10 seconds. Repeat six to eight times, then cool down for one to two minutes at moderate pace." — Kristin McGee, a yoga and Pilates instructor in NYC
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4. "Change your choice of cardio. Always hop on the treadmill? Go on the stair climber. Or test-drive my absolute favorite, the often-overlooked rowing machine — it’s actually the biggest heart rate booster. Start by rowing a total of 500 meters (it’ll say how far you’ve gone on the screen) and then, try to increase that distance by 250 meters, little by little, every week." — DK
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5. "Jump rope! It might seem like child’s play, but it’s a great way to burn calories fast in a super short amount of time. About 15 minutes of jump rope torches 100 calories — easy." —DK
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6. "Try one of my 10-Minute Express Workouts as soon as you wake up to burn calories quickly and get your heart pumping before you even step out the door. String together a series of moves like Sumo Lunges, Bent-Leg Deadlifts, shadow boxing with light weights, or Spiderman Push-Ups. Go all out (as in really push it) and aim to do about 15 to 30 reps of each." —DK

7. "Do some Plyometrics: the ultimate (and often dreaded) calorie burners. The good thing? It doesn’t take long to reach 100 calories. Try basic moves such as squat jumps, jump switch lunges, skaters, and plank jacks — just 15 of each. Repeat the whole thing three times." —KM

8. "When at the gym, be sure to include a circuit of strength-training exercises done at a vigorous pace for 15 minutes to scorch an extra 100 calories. (Or at home, try the Ramona Braganza 321 Training Method DVD, which includes a circuit of three exercises performed one after the other before a 45 second break occurs. Repeat the set of three exercises, three times through, and do 20 reps, using moderate weight.)" — Ramona Braganza, a personal trainer in LA
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9. "Get up from your desk and walk around in the office, do a loop around the block, or take the stairs to visit a coworker. Aim to stand up for at least 10 minutes every hour of your workday." —DK
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10. "Throw your sneakers in your suitcase — because if they’re in there, well, you can use them. Then each day you’re out of town, take a 30-minute walk at lunch or squeeze in just 30 minutes of sightseeing per day." —DK
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11. "Just 15 minutes of doing sit-ups, jumping jacks, knee lifts, lunges or squats burns approximately 130 calories." — DK
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12. "Run or jog a 10-minute mile to burn 100 calories. Speed up your pace to burn the same amount in less time." —DK
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13. "Doing a less-rigorous activity for a longer amount of time can help you burn 100 calories. Try digging in your garden (if you have one!), or washing your car. Or, clean out your closet and try on all old clothes to see how they fit, then hit under the bed and all your bookshelves." —DK
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14. "As soon as you wake up in the morning, do this quick fat-blasting and calorie-burning circuit using just your own body: 20 squats, 20 lunges, 20 push-ups, 20 bicycle crunches. Repeat three times." — KM

15. "Home from work and want to just veg on the couch? Before you do, set a 10-minute timer (also, perfect if you're preheating your oven for that amount of time to heat up dinner). Do 20 high knees (lift each knee one at a time and tap with same hand), then 20 jumping jacks, 20 side-to-side hops, 20 front-to-back hops, and 20 front kicks. Repeat three to four times." —KM
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16. "If you’re climbing stairs in the office during the day, take every other stair as if you're doing walking lunges uphill. Try to go up five flights of stairs this way, then ‘sprint’ (as in, don’t walk slow-mo) down to the bottom. Repeat five times." —KM
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17. "Turn on Pandora and dance to songs that are fast-tempo — think Lady Gaga's 'Alejandro' or 'Bad Romance' — which is at least 120-130 beats per minute for 10 minutes. (You really have to shake it match the tempo!)" —KM
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18. "When talking on the phone, pace around the room. Or, sit up against the wall in a wall squat and rise up and down on the balls of your feet throughout a 10-minute chat or conference call." —KM
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19. "If you have to ease your way into the day, you don’t have to go full-blast right away. First thing in the morning, practice some yoga or other form of dynamic stretching (think touching your toes, hip openers, ballet squats, etc.) for 20 minutes. It’s all you need to do to burn approximately 100 calories." — RB
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20. "Walk whenever its possible during your day instead of hopping in a cab. Just 20 minutes of walking at a slow pace (the equivalent of 3.0 on the treadmill) can burn 100 calories." —RB
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21. "Although it is winter, luckily there haven’t been many snow days — and even a few somewhat warm temps. Instead of just strolling through the park on a Sunday afternoon, hit the hills. Or when you visit friends in the country, go for a hike before brunch. Ten minutes equals about 100 calories; add a backpack with water and snacks into the mix, and that number is instantly raised." —RB

22. "Sure, snow days are great for Netflix and takeout, but it’s also an opportunity to burn fat. Hit a park and build a snowman. Or, if you are feeling particularly peppy (or you're home visiting the 'rents), pull out a shovel and clean up the driveway. You can burn an extra 100 calories in just 15 minutes. (Just make sure you bend your knees when lifting the snow to protect your back, and change up the sides you pitch to every few minutes.) — RB
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23. "Clean your apartment — really clean, not just graze over the grime. Dusting, vacuuming, and mopping the floors or windows as well as wiping down all the counters and bathroom cabinets can easily burn 100 calories in half an hour." —RB
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24. "Cook. Yes, it turns out that skipping a little DIY in the kitchen every day could rob you of a no-brainer workout session — equaling up to 700 calories per week. Whip up a healthy dinner that takes about 35 to 40 minutes, and 100 calories are gone." —RB
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25. "No, the rink at Rockefeller Center is not just for tourists. Lace up your skates and in just 18 minutes at a moderate pace, you’ll burn around100 calories. Or for the more winter sport inclined, book that ski trip ASAP. Only 10 minutes of downhill is needed to burn 100 calories. Then you can après ski, guilt-free." —RB
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26. "Ditch FreshDirect. It’s a lifesaver in the winter, yes, but stocking up on groceries in real life, not cyberspace, plus lugging those bags home is a legit workout. Break it up into two sessions a week to make it more doable and spread out the calorie burning." —RB
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27. "Find some time for love. A quickie 20 minutes is sure to blast 100 calories. (If it goes on for longer, it's obviously even more of a win-win.)" —RB
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28. "Give a massage, get a massage. Not only can a 20-minute shoulder and back rub release stress and tension in muscles, putting in good effort can also strengthen arms and burn approximately 100 calories." —RB
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29. "Only walk your dog before and after work? On the weekends, throw in an extra session and take the long way home. Twenty-three minutes is an easy 100 calories." —RB