Blogger High-5, Holiday Edition: Brit Morin's Seasonal DIY Delights

You may recognize her from Uniqlo's latest campaign or from the top corner of that website where you found that perfect cookie recipe. Whichever, Brit Morin — with her bounty of DIY ideas and relentless resourcefulness — is a digital Martha Stewart in the making.
After working at Google and YouTube, this digitally-savvy San Franciscan has taken on domestic housekeeping, craft, and design with a decisively techy twist. Thanks to her unique formula, Morin’s namesake site, Brit + Co. has become the go-to spot for everything from tips on repurposing old sweaters and jazzing up empty wine bottles, to kitchen decoration inspiration and household must-haves. It’s like Pinterest, only with a friendly face to guide you through it all (and no shortage of mouthwatering dessert recipes, either).
Of course, we just had to find out what this DIY doyenne had on her holiday wish list. What she gave us were high-design office accessories, high-tech crafting tools, and high-ticket home décor. Click on for her seasonal wants.
Photo: Paige Newton
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"The latest in Apple awesomeness, the iPad Mini is so cute and lets you have the pleasure of a bigger screen, while being small enough to fit in your clutch. I can’t wait to try one out!"

Apple iPad Mini, $329, available at Apple

Photo: Courtesy of Apple
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"We bow down to the designer who thought of this. Why not add a little whimsical childhood fun to your gatherings? I wonder if people would be able to stay still during the discussion or if they’d distract the conversation by moving around too much. Regardless, it’s hot and I’m digging it."

Duffy London Swing Table, $9,000, available at Duffy London

Photo: Courtesy of Duffy London
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With your curated list of key essentials — smartphone, lip gloss, cash, and cards — you’ve got being prepared down to a science. Now all you need is a killer crimson case to carry it all. With satin-lined pockets, refined, butter-soft leather, and a wrist strap for perfect portability, this polished pouch provides the ultimate in luxe protection for all those little things you can’t live without.

Coach Madison Patent Universal Case, $68, available at Coach. Advertisement
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"One of my favorite digital organizers, Evernote, and one of my favorite analog notebooks, Moleskine, have teamed up to create the ultimate tool for all digitally-minded creative types. So cool, huh?"

Evernote Moleskine Notebook, $25, available at Evernote.

Photo: Courtesy of Evernote
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"Who doesn't want to learn how to make their own brew? Given that I'm a pretty massive fan of DIY kits (ahem), I'm pretty sure all of my close friends are going to be receiving some homemade beer this year."

Urban Brewery Three Gallon Beer Brewing Kit, $125, available at Etsy

Photo: Courtesy of Urban Brewery
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"It’s a splurge, which is why I don’t yet have one, but the Makerbot Replicator is a 3D printer that can make any product idea you have into a real product. It literally prints it out right on your desk! The DIY fanatic in me swoons at the thought of ever having one of these."

Makerbot 3D Printer, $2,100, available at MakerBot

Photo: Courtesy of MakerBot