There Really Is A Black Nail Polish For Everyone

Photographed By Dan McCoy.
Remember when black nail polish was just a one-day-a-year Halloween treat? Or perhaps, an every-day-of-the-year staple during your goth phase? (No judgment.) Luckily, anything goes these days, and black has become almost as classic as cherry red or pale pink, albeit an edgier classic. If you’ve been longing to give it a try, fall is the perfect time — it’ll fit right in with the season’s hues.
Don’t think black tips are really “you?” Let us convince you otherwise: We’ve rounded up 10 options for 10 types of people — and we think at least one them is the noir pick for you. Click to see the darkest color in a new light.
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Photo: Via Nails Inc.
If you love leather...
Why not match your manicure to your black leather jacket? Named after Alexa Chung, this polish dries to a leather-like, matte texture, which — as long as you don’t think about it as wearing skin on your nails (shudder) — looks pretty damn cool.
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Photo: Via Priti NYC.
If you’re environmentally conscious...
This opaque option is cruelty-free, vegan, and made without toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, or camphor — five potentially toxic ingredients used in other polishes.
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Photo: Via CND.
If you’re a total klutz...
The best way to fake a gel manicure, this life-proof polish lets you wear deep, shiny, chip-free black for as long as you want — not for as long as you manage to go without messing up your nails (which in our case is about 20 minutes).
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Photo: Via Zoya.
If you believe in fairies...
Unlike most glittery polishes, this “pixie dust” formula features matte sparkles. The effect is more sugary than shiny — and totally magical, of course.
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Photo: Via Revlon.
If you love the smell of coffee in the morning...
It may look like a typical black polish, but every time you put your hand near your nose, you'll get a whiff of coffee beans.
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Photo: Via Morgan Taylor.
If you wear lots of brights...
This bottle practically explodes with colorful glitter: pinks, blues, and golds suspended in a black base. And, they look just as amazing up close as they do from far away. We guarantee you'll be shoving your hands into people’s faces just to show off your fab polish.
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Photo: Via RGB.
If you prefer subtle sparkle...
Simply called Black, this polish seems to be just that — until you get a close-up look and see that it’s filled with teeny-tiny shimmer. It’s like your own little secret-sparkle party!
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Photo: Via Wet n Wild.
If you can’t bear to spend more than a dollar...
This used to be the go-to Halloween polish — it’s still sold at costume stores. But now, it’s a legit option for chic nails on a budget.
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Photo: Via Christian Louboutin.
If you can't bear to spend less than $50...
You know it’s officially considered fashionable when it makes it into Louboutin’s new range. And hey, you’ll only need one coat, so that’s one way to justify the splurge…right?
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Photo: Via Sally Hansen.
If you have no patience whatsoever for doing your nails...
Assuming you’re not sloppy, this one-coat wonder — which dries in 60 seconds — promises an under-two-minute mani.
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