10 Home Trends That Are O.V.E.R. & The New Ones You Need

Unlike the fashion moments they're so often inspired by, home trends tend to stick around for a while. Decor inevitably becomes a permanent fixture in the landscape of a space — or an unseen part of the background. But, the thing about trends is that they're supposed to be fleeting.
If we never saw chevron print, taxidermy, or mason jars again, we'd be quite content. And, that lucite chair found in every fashion girl's apartment? Some of us have it and know its time is up. We've just been waiting for the right replacement to swoop in and wow us just as much as it once did. So, we found 10 surprising new pieces to unseat the has-beens that served us so well. Let us know in the comments which pieces you're ready to see the backs of. And, pick out your brand-new interior obsession just ahead.
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The Overplayed Trend: Inspirational Posters

Don't get us wrong, we're all about feeling optimistic, but the happy-go-lucky, "Peace, Love and Harmony" prints need to be rolled up. They scream college dorm circa 2000.
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The New Look: Out-There Art

Instead of prints that literally say thoughts, invest in art that inspires some of your own. This cosmic print by Michelle Blade is a great start at just $35.
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The Overplayed Trend: Wall Taxidermy

Whether you're in the faux or real camp when it comes to animals on the wall, you should still move on from this look. Conversation-starter though it may be, the moose head has unfortunately been overplayed in too many a hipster abode (even this writer's).
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The Replacement: Eccentric Wall Hangings

Turn that conversation toward intricate woven tapestries or wooden carvings. These pieces are timeless for reasons that have nothing to do with formaldehyde.
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Photo: Courtesy of West Elm.
The Overplayed Trend: Coffee Table Skulls

You have a dark side but you're still so cheeky. We get it. Can we move on now?
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The Replacement: A Friendly Tortoise

Look how friendly he is compared to that morose, disembodied head. And, you can keep all sorts of secret surprises under his shell.
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Photo: Courtesy of Anthropologie.
The Overplayed Trend: Mason Jars

These are fantastic when it comes to canning fruit. But, let's all agree to stop using them as wedding centerpieces. And, the ones with handles should only be allowed at BBQ restaurants.
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The Replacement: Ceramic Bud Vases

Instead of a million vases, just invest in one beautiful piece of pottery that you can't take your eyes off of. (Or, a complementary set of three.)
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Photo: Courtesy of IKEA.
The Overplayed Trend: Sheepskin Rugs

These rugs are the coziest ever. That said, they get gross quickly and you can't wrap them around your body like a blanket.
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The Replacement: The Eccentric Throw

The options are endless for affordable blankets. This merino throw has contrasting stitches, fringe, and it looks just as nice when you're curled up inside it.
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Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.
The Overplayed Trend: The Ghost Chair

Once super chic, this statement piece has had its time. There are far more interesting new designs out there.
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The Replacement: The Hanging Chair

Yes, you can put away and hide this Umbra in your closet when you're done. But, why would you? It doubles as wall decor when not in use. We want one in every color.
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Photo: Courtesy of Zazzle.
The Overplayed Trend: Chevron Print

It's time we all graduated from this very entry-level pattern and moved on to some more professional-grade prints.
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The Replacement: The Crazy Pillow

The jagged-edged design and out-there colorway give this silk pillow MAJOR impact. If this is on your couch, you know a thing or two about design.
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Photo: Courtesy of IKEA.
The Overplayed Trend: This Dizzying Rug

No offense to anyone who has this rug. It's great — especially at IKEA's killer prices. But, once seven of your friends have the same floor covering, it's time to switch it up.
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The Replacement: The Zingy Mat

Most people veer toward subdued tones for rugs so they can have more liberty with the rest of the space. But, why not let the floor dictate the energy of the room? This orange and blue hexagon-patterned piece is 30% retro and 70% modern — basically perfect.
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Photo: Courtesy of Anthropologie.
The Overplayed Trend: Bird Motif

Don't put a bird on it. We've got avian designs on everything from coffee cups to notebooks (to curtains!), and there are so many other animals to choose from.
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The Replacement: A Bunny Colony

Imagine a very sleek interior with this playful wallpaper. It's unexpected, irreverent, and the most intriguing green.
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Photo: Courtesy of West Elm.
The Overplayed Trend: Succulents

We collectively own enough succulents to start a gardening shop inside R29 HQ — which definitely means it's time to branch out. These tiny greens are popular because they're so easy to care for, which is hard to argue with. But, we vote for bringing in some hearty, floral varieties.
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The Replacement: Rozanne Geranium

Meet the winner of the Royal Horticultural Society Plant of the Centenary award. This geranium only needs partial sunlight near a window and is simple to care for. She even has her own Facebook page, which should give her some amount of coolness cred.