These Headphones Will Transform Your Workout

There's a lot of things that could distract you at the gym: people moaning on machines, an uncomfortable sports bra, your group chat blowing up on your phone, or perhaps worst of all, your earbuds falling out at your slightest movement. You did not curate the perfect workout playlist that could energize even a zombie to want to exercise just to have it all slip away because you're wearing chintzy headphones.
Music can actually enhance your workout, and studies have shown that the right music makes you work out harder and actually enjoy your exercise. Imagine exercising and not being annoyed by everything around you or attached to you — crazy concept, but stick with us here. There's no actual science to back up this hypothesis, but we think if your headphones are on-point, you can spend a little less time fiddling with your earbuds and a lot more time being inspired by Beyoncé to do the actual exercises that you hauled yourself to the gym to do.
These headphones and earbuds are perfect for exercising, because they're snug, durable, and tangle-free. While we can't guarantee these earbuds will make you want to go to the gym, we can say that they'll make your workout experience better and faster.
Whether you like your headphones wireless, right up in your ear, or prefer an over-ear style, click through to see the headphones that will change your workout. (And keep checking back, since we'll be updating this post with awesome new picks.)
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If you like to wear the same headphones from the gym, on your commute, and then at your desk, try these Beats earbuds. The battery lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge.
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These truly wireless earbuds have 4GB of built-in memory for music, so you can really unplug and listen to your favorite songs on a walk outside without having to bring your phone.
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The cord on these lightweight earbuds is reflective, so you'll be visible running outside at night or just walking to the gym in the early morning.
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Apple's brand new wireless earbuds look like they'd fall out of your ear, but they're surprisingly snug. If you like to do floor exercises (like Pilates or stretching) with music, these are a smart pick because there's literally no wire, so you don't have to worry about getting tangled while you roll around on your back.
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If you need your hands and arms free to lift things or climb up a wall, try these wireless earbuds. The tip forms a seal on your ear, which helps them stay in place and keeps the audio crisp.
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Over-ear headphones might not seem like your best bet for working out, but these have a removable headband and ear pads that you can throw in the wash if they get sweaty.