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The MOST Effective Butt Exercise, Period

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Are you looking to kick off a new fitness routine or simply make yours a little better? Our 60 Seconds To Fit video series is here to help. "Each exercise targets multiple muscle groups," says celeb trainer Sadie Kurzban. This short clip, produced in coordination with Calia, breaks down exactly how to do squats with lateral raises."The move is part of the perfect full-body routine if you can just barely squeeze in a workout."

Squat With Lateral Raise
Squats are proven to seriously sculpt your rear, and adding in a leg lift brings your obliques and thighs into it, too.

"With squats, it’s all about good form," says Kurzban. "Make sure your hips stay square so your glutes really get the workout."

If you're not super flexible, just lift your leg as high as feels comfortable. Control, not prima-ballerina extensions, is key.

To make the move harder, deepen your squat, but be careful to only go as low as feels good for your knees.

Try for 30 reps — 15 on each side.

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You don't have to always workout longer to see better results. Mastering these fitness moves will help you reach your fitness goals.

Best Squat Technique For Better Butt ToningReleased on April 14, 2015