Pros Swear By These Skin-Care Products — & They're All Less Than $15

If you want to head into 2018 with a fresh, glowing complexion (free of any evidence of the stress of last year), we have good news: You don't have to empty all your holiday Sephora gift cards to get it.
While 2017 was a dumpster fire by many accounts, it also blessed us with some pretty major skin-care innovations, including prescription-grade acne gels, luxury moisturizers, and pore-purging cleansers. We tested the newest products for months to bring you the best, most innovative buys on the market. And while some miracle creams might cost you a pretty penny, we were excited to find others that retail for less than a movie ticket.
Ahead, some of the best under-$15 skin-care products that won our hearts (and a spot in our bathroom cabinet) this year... and next.
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Until this year, it was nearly impossible to find a quality retinoid without a prescription or money to blow. So, when Deciem brought one to the market for less than $10, many were left scratching their heads. But after our editors tried it for months, we can assure you that it's effective, non-drying, and 10o percent worth the hype.
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This no-fuss cleanser is creamy, gentle, non-foaming, and non-irritating for even the most sensitive of skin types. But the real reason we love it? The massive, seemingly never-ending pump bottle.
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Our beauty director Cat Quinn swears by this bubble cleanser, which helped clear her acne over the four months she tested it. Because of the texture of the bubbles, you can leave it on your face for a few minutes (with no dripping) to really let the ingredients do their work.
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As the wind-chill picks up and our skin feels drier and more irritated than usual, we're swapping out our summer moisturizers for gentler, more hydrating formulas. This lotion from Yes To is cheap and makes your skin feel as soft as the 100-thread count sheets you want to curl up in this winter.
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Because our beauty editors test products all day every day, we go through makeup wipes faster than anyone. And trust us: These Garnier wipes are the best we've tried. They remove every trace of waterproof mascara without leaving that sticky film feeling common among other makeup-removing sheets.
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Some people like chemical exfoliation, with products containing lactic acid or AHA/BHAS. But others prefer a physical scrub, and if that's you, you'll love this new version from St. Ives. The rounded, crushed walnut shells are gentle, while the oil base keeps skin from feeling stripped.
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It's important to continue to wear SPF every day — even in the winter. This cheap and easy sunscreen will keep your skin protected (but not greasy), whether you're hitting the slopes or just running some holiday errands.
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We're not going to lie, this rubberized face mask freaked us (and our S.O.'s) out at first — but the price and the fact that it leaves your skin smooth and super glowy makes it well worth the 30 minutes you have to wear it.
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