Best Of The Week: Our Top 10 Stories — Aug 05 2011

1. The Ultimate Caption This! Fall's Fashion Ads—Big ups to the Caption This! Queen, Sasha, who takes her biting wit to the fall ad campaigns.
2. 6 Sale Finds That Make The Switch To Fall—Find out how to make the most of your sale purchases, including turning a swimsuit into a fall staple!
3. Wild, Long Curls—Now You See 'Em, Now You Don't…—We're obsessed with this girl's mane. Is perming our own hair taking things too far?
4. Designer Norma Kamali: 66 And Hotter Than Ever!—Whoa, baby. If there's anything to get us to start regularly wearing SPF and moisturizer, this is it.
5. How To Dress For Lollapalooza Without Looking Like A Hipster—Based on your wildly varied comments, should we do a post to define what a hipster is?
6. Try Out Fall's Weirdest Trends—We're dying to try out those fancy board shorts.
7. Simplify With Streamlined Cross-Body Bags—It's a sickness. Just try to click though the slideshow without falling in love at least once.
9. 7 Bad Beauty Habits To Break—The opening image made us LOL IRL. Frizz attack!
10. The Mystery's Over: How To Navigate A Bathroom While Wearing A Romper—We learned quite a bit about you guys from the comments. Apparently, some of you just pull the romper to the side, and others take it off completely. Really??