The 5 Fall Dress Trends To Know Now & Plot To Buy

If you took a quick scan of our fall wardrobe thus far, you'd find pretty party dresses, eye-catching accessories, and other visually stunning pieces that clearly say, "This person shopped only with their eyes and not with the weather in mind." But, even though we're going the practical route with our everyday wares, that doesn't mean our picks will be any less gorgeous than those special-occasion numbers. In fact, some of our favorite silhouettes are looking mighty fine for fall: knit minis for the still-hot days of September, midi-dresses for a bit more coverage, and, of course, the long-awaited sleeved numbers (covered arms, we've missed you). Ahead, we break down the main dress trends to check off the shopping list. We've never been more excited for the start of Pumpkin Spice season.

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We may be unusually eager to start layering, but we're not letting go of short hemlines just yet. There's nothing a solid pair of tights can't fix...
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We've always got a trick up our sleeves.
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Orange you glad it won't be sweltering hot anymore?
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Always tweed, but never twee.
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A (short, sleeveless) primer on sweaterdresses, so you can ease into the knit one-piece look.
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Never met a Reformation dress we didn't like (and it's on sale).
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A pre-layered dress that's not stuffy at all (so you can wear it all through September).
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A midi-dress that's secretly a mini underneath, so you don't have to play favorites with silhouettes.
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Florals for fall? What would Meryl think?
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The bright beads add a dash of summertime to your autumnal wares.
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A slinky satin number for a special night out.
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Checked out.
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It's not yet turtleneck season, but a high neck gives you a tad more coverage without being completely suffocating.
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Start the season of swingin'.
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That '70s Fashion Show stays with us well into fall, like any syndicated sensation.
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A LBD with a rebellious white hem.
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Worn over or under the rest of your cold-weather clothes, this striped number will quickly become the most-worn item next season.
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Maybe this one's brighter than the rest of your fall clothes, but it's a very welcome addition.
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One thing's for sure — this dizzyingly pretty number is not your average floral frock. With soft pleats, a high-neck collar, and orange and blue color bursts, this is the perfect fall upgrade to those barely there summer dresses you can no longer break out.
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Sleeves, please — after all, it will get cold soon.
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Fall wedding? Work function? Last-minute event invite? This lace frock covers all of your fancy-dress bases.
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Skinny scarves are making their comeback. This dress has one already integrated into the neckline, so you'll never lose track of your trends.
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All buttoned up and ready to go.
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A shirtdress for work and play.
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Swap out the tired flannel in favor of a plaid sheath dress. (Bonus: It has pockets!)
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Mighty morphin' — hold the Power Ranger.
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Sweaterdresses don't have to be drab: This slightly sheer, paneled number has structure and shape — two features that are often hard to come by in this category.
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Everyone will want to give you hugs when you're wearing this fuzzy frock.
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Green machine.
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Fringe benefits.
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The stripes we'll be living in during the cold months.
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What, you didn't think your going-out dress could also be the coziest dress in your closet?
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Black and blue are the warmest colors.

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