30 Gorgeous Engagement Rings We Found On Etsy

Photo: Courtesy of Etsy.
Shopping for an engagement ring takes a lot more planning than, say, picking up another pair of underwear (at least, we hope it does). After all, nobody wants a symbol of undying love that they only feel meh about.

Price-point panic aside, the most intimidating part of scoping out rings is all the options. Do you want certified vintage, or contemporary? Diamond or emerald? Does a traditional ring design fit your personality, or do you want to get creative? On Etsy, there are no limitations to what's available to shop — just looking at them all can be dizzying. So, we've done the paring-down and weeding-out for you, pinpointing 26 stunning engagement rings that will make saying "yes" a no-brainer.
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Victorian jewelry is all about symbolism: What better way to start your lives together than with the union of two different, but equally beautiful, stones?
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We'll go to infinity and beyond wearing this band.
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A classic setting featuring an unconventional, black-gold band.
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This vintage ring transcends centuries: While the royal-blue band dates back to 1820, the diamond was added sometime after 1930.
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Etsy hosts a wealth of vintage jewelry: This ring dates back to sometime between 1900 and 1909, during the height of the Edwardian era.
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Stacking rings are a trend that translates beautifully into engagement jewelry.
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This ring checks off on the socially-conscious list; it's made in an eco-friendly studio using socially responsible materials, and 10% of sales go to charity.
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The perfect ring doesn't have to be fussy: This mixed-metal style gets it just right.
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Something beautiful to look down at on your big day, and every day.
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Diamonds take the backseat on this ring, where they crown a pear-shaped emerald.
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A Victorian-era ring fit for a queen.
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Minimalists can want diamonds, too.
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The geometric setting makes room for even more sparkle.
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The "Toi et Moi" style represents two souls coming together, a symbol that dates back to Napoleon Bonaparte (and his then-fiancée, Josephine).
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Between the Marquis-cut diamond and the delicate, white-gold band, there's a lot to love about this ring.
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One for your betrothed, and one for you. (Or, both for you — you can sort that out yourselves.)
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The contrast between the rough-cut diamond and the pavé band is pure beauty.
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A blue sapphire steals the spotlight on this slithery diamond ring.
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Everything's coming up roses.
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In addition to gorgeous jewelry, this Etsy shop boasts that all of its materials are "recycled, eco-friendly, environmentally safe and sustainable, and ethically mined."
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Behind the diamond-encrusted yellow sapphire, this ring boasts a tiny heart silhouette — a constant reminder of what it's really all about.
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Embrace a woodland-themed wedding right from the get-go.
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The setting for this Herkimer diamond is playful, and it puts the gorgeous stone (an affordable option compared to real-deal diamonds) on display.
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The silhouette of this ring is unique, yet classic enough that you'll wear it for years to come.
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This made-to-order ring is set with a ruby, but can be designed with any stone you choose.
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A sculptural, sterling-silver ring is perfect for the girl who shies away from sparkle; the blue sapphire adds just enough glimmer.
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Vintage-lovers will be tickled pink, er, blue by this diamond-and-sapphire ring from the 1930s.
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Boasting conflict-free diamonds, this minimal style is a winner in more ways than one.
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Originating in the 1910s, the gold band of this vintage ring makes a nice backdrop for the center's yellow diamond.
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Not everyone's first preference is diamonds.