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The Busy Girl's Trick For Killer Arms

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Are you looking to kick off a new fitness routine or simply make yours a little better? Our 60 Seconds To Fit video series is here to help. "Each exercise targets multiple muscle groups," says celeb trainer Sadie Kurzban. This short clip, produced in coordination with Calia, breaks down exactly how to do a modified push-up with tap. "The move is part of the perfect full-body routine if you can just barely squeeze in a workout."

Modified Push-Up With Tap
Master this move, and you'll harness the effects of a push-up and a superman. Ready to feel powerful?

In your superman, be careful to keep your head in line with your neck and your gaze a few feet in front of you. This prevents an unfortunate neck strain.

"To make the exercise a little easier, keep your legs flat on the ground," says Kurzban. "Just don’t forget to keep your core engaged the entire time."

Work up to three sets of 15 reps with a 30-second rest between each set. This stuff is tricep kryptonite!

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You don't have to always workout longer to see better results. Mastering these fitness moves will help you reach your fitness goals.

How To Do A Push-Up And SupermanReleased on April 28, 2015