6 Beauty Products With Secret Features You Need To Know About

When I was in high school, I discovered In-N-Out's secret menu — a treasure trove of burgers, fries, and shakes that aren't part of the chain's regular programming. That I could now whisper "I'll have the animal fries" to an unsuspecting waiter and receive an off-menu pile of potatoes, cheese, and grilled onions filled me with pure joy. I was in the know.
Over the years, I've been let in on other secrets, like Disneyland's members-only restaurant Club 33 and Chipotle's secret quesadillas, but nothing excites me more than learning of a beauty-related hidden gem.
I'm talking products with ingenious features and hidden compartments that serve as the cherry on top of an already incredible product. Think skin-care spoons you'll never lose (and will actually want to use), secret refills , and more — all of which we've decoded in the slides ahead.
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Urban Decay's most recent collection is inspired by legendary artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. On top of the fact that the designs, colors, and shade names are all a nod to his work, each palette contains a small divot for thumbnails or screws so that you can decorate your walls when you're done doing your face.

Urban Decay Jean-Michel Basquiat Gold Griot Eyeshadow Palette, $39, available at Sephora
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This multi-use tube contains two things you should never travel without: sunscreen and lip balm. Twist off the top and squeeze out a dollop of Pixi's Sun Serum, a lightweight, moisturizing cream with an SPF of 30, then pop off the cap up top to reveal an orb of balm.

Pixi Sun Serum, $22, available at Pixi
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Skin-care spoons are included with just about every fancy moisturizer and mask to encourage you to keep your grubby, bacteria-ridden fingers out of the product, but we don't know anyone who actually hangs on to them. The folks at Farmacy must have realized that, because the brand came up with a thoughtful solution: a magnetic spoon that conveniently adheres to the Honey Potion mask's cap. Genius.

Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask, $56, available at Sephora
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If you're wondering why a beauty brand would dedicate a collection to the fifth installment of the Pirates Of The Caribbean series, we're right there with you. But we're not complaining, because the products are top-notch. Not only does the eyeshadow palette feature 18 brand-new shades, there's also a hidden compartment at the base that houses the brand's cheek palette — a secret treasure, if you will.

Lorac Cosmetics Pirates Of The Caribbean Pro Eyeshadow Palette, $52, available at Lorac Cosmetics; Lorac Cosmetics Pirates Of The Caribbean Cheek Palette, $30, available at Lorac Cosmetics.
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It's difficult to tell if a shade will work for you by peering through the bottle alone. That's why Nails Inc. devised a clever packaging trick that allows you to "try on" the nail polish before you fully commit: Each polish bottle is curved just so at its base, so you can place your nail under the glass, then look through to see the color mirrored onto your nail.

Nails Inc. Sparkle Like A Uncorn Nail Polish Duo Kit, $15, available at Nails Inc.
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E.l.f. fans flipped when news broke last year that the brand's Moisturizing Lipsticks had a little somethin' extra tucked in the bottom. "We designed our moisturizing lipsticks to hold the lipstick formula in the base of the componentry," the brand's global creative director Achelle Richards said of the design. "This feature makes it easier to color match and we love that it's been a surprise and delight for many of our fans."

E.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick, $3, available at E.l.f.
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