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The Most Badass Babes In Beauty

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    We've all heard of the grandes dames of the beauty industry: the Estée Lauders, the Elizabeth Ardens, and the Essie Weingartens. But, as the industry has exploded in size over the past few decades, there's emerged a new crop of ladies who are taking it by storm — and, we must say, they're pretty badass.

    They've infused nail polishes with neon colors, created jaw-dropping hairstyles for runway shows, and made consumers see the light when it comes to organic skin care. Basically, they're shaking things up in a field that was getting a little snooze-happy.

    But, for all they're doing, many of us don't know their names or their fascinating stories. And, we should, because each one of them is a study in tapping into your potential and releasing your inner badass. So, we sat down with 13 of the biz's biggest disruptors to learn their secrets, from how they got their start to what makes them feel beautiful. Ahead, allow us to introduce you to your new career (and maybe life) inspirations.

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