You HAVE To Try The Avocado Toast At These NYC Restaurants

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Some may say avocado toast is a fading food fad — catapulted into the Insta-world only to be replaced by a slew of other photogenic eats. But for us New Yorkers, it's simply a breakfast, lunch, and dinner staple. Something that no matter how many times it's snapped and socialed, will never go out of style as far as our stomachs are concerned.
With so many new and emerging ways to dress up your bread, it's impossible to ever grow tired of gobbling it down. Ahead, some of the best toasty spots in NYC.
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Little Collins NYC
This uptown Australian café offers up rich espresso sips alongside some good Down Under "brekkie" — we're digging "The Smash": smooth avocado and creamy feta mash served on a toasted slice of whole wheat bread that's then sprinkled with spicy chili flakes and salty pepitas.

Little Collins NYC, 667 Lexington Avenue (at E. 56th Street); 212-308-1969.
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Jane Restaurant
This classic American eatery in NYC's Soho hood not only features a bomb brunch, but also an avocado toast worth writing home about. The creamy green mash is spread on freshly baked and sliced whole wheat bread, then topped off with a pair of poached eggs, fresh mixed greens, and a dash of red pepper flakes. Oh, and did we mention that they give you two slices per order? Bon appétit.

Jane Restaurant, 100 West Houston Street (between Thompson Street and Broadway); 212-254-7000.
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Banter NYC
Opened by former Two Hands employees, this simple cafe serves up authentic Australian bites in a bohemian setting. Located in the heart of Manhattan's Greenwich Village, Banter dishes out one the best avocado toasts in the neighborhood; sprinkled with goat cheese, pepitas, and freshly sliced tomatoes. (Hot Tip: Order a side of the sweet potato fries.)

Banter, 169 Sullivan Street (between Houston and Bleecker streets); (no phone number).
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The Commons Chelsea
This Chelsea cafe keeps the avo-toast game fresh and strong with a chili flake-seasoned spread topped with slices of smoked salmon (poached eggs optional).

The Commons Chelsea, 128 7th Avenue (between W. 17th and W. 18th Street); 212-929-9333.
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Joseph Leonard
This spot feels like a rustic country kitchen that's added a few extra tables and chairs, and has invited all of the west village in to brunch. The avocado mash is served on a thick-cut and toasty country bread with a fair sprinkling of chili flakes, a side of baby lettuce, and two eggs (any style). It's all very cozy, quaint, and homemade with taste vibes.

Joseph Leonard, 170 Waverly Place (at Grove Street); 646- 429-8383.
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Iris Cafe
Tucked away on a Brooklyn Heights' street lined with New Orleans-style row houses, Iris Cafe seems lost in a quainter (and quieter) time. The simplistic approach to their atmosphere and fare is exemplified in the avocado toast — served with two velvety poached eggs and creamy dijonnaise. So traipse on over for your next brunch, and transport yourself.

Iris Cafe, 20 Columbia Place (between Joramelon and State Street) in Brooklyn; 347-844-9284.
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Rucola in Brooklyn's Boerum Hill pays classic homage to avocado toast (i.e. without all that egg-on-top fuss). Focusing on high quality ingredients — a crusty slice of toasted sourdough topped with avocado mash, freshly sliced tomatoes, and a fine drizzle of Ligurian olive oil — the simplicity is deadly.

Rucola, 190 Dean Street (at Bond Street) in Brooklyn; 718-576-3209.
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Five Leaves
This hip Williamsburg brunch destination serves their take on avo-toast with grilled 7-grain bread, crushed avocados, and a bit of shaved onion and radish. Not to mention the red pepper flakes and fresh herb accoutrements.

Five Leaves, 18 Bedford Avenue (at Lorimer Street); 718-383-5345.
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This delightful Brooklyn café is serving up a Spanish twist on classic avo-toast — the smash is curried, the toast is rye, and the 4-minute egg is optional (but highly encouraged).

Tekoá, 264 Clinton Street (at Verandah Place); 347-987-3710.
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Egg Shop
Stop by Egg Shop for more than your fill of eggs — their delectable avo-smash on multigrain toast is topped with juicy heirloom tomatoes and a sprinkle of sea salt. It's simple, fresh, and can also be topped with a poached egg or two.

The Egg Shop, 151 Elizabeth Street (at Kenmare Street); 646-666-0810.
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The Fat Radish
The Fat Radish's avocado toast is a thing of beauty. Their crunchy 7-grain bread is smeared with a creamy avo-mash and then topped with spicy eggs — a brunch plate fit for foodie queens.

The Fat Radish, 17 Orchard Street (at Canal Street); 212-300-4053.
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This LES brunch destination is known for some killer avo-toast. A thick 7 grain slice is smashed with avocado and topped off with a fried egg, a sprinkling of spices, and a lovely heirloom tomato salad. The simplicity is perfection.

Dudleys, 85 Orchard Street (at Broome Street); 212-925-7355.
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Bluestone Lane
Named after a stoney street in Melbourne, Bluestone Lane brings Australian coffee culture to locations all around the city. And people stop by for more than just the coffee scene. BL's avo-toast "brekkie" (Australian for breakfast) topped with feta cheese is the perfect combo we've been looking for.

Bluestone Lane, Multiple locations in Manhattan; 646-368-1988.

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Navy Restaurant
On a quiet block in Soho lives Navy, a small and intimate restaurant known for its seafood fare and fresh, raw greens. While the avocado toast is not center stage on the menu, it is a force to be reckoned with.

Navy Restaurant, 137 Sullivan Street (at Prince Street); 212-533-1137.

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Two Hands
Two Hands Cafe provides the perfect Insta-worthy backdrop for anyone looking to have their avocado toast and snap it, too. The cheery café and restaurant strives to create delicious and simple food for hungry New Yorkers. Its toast comes topped with pickled shallots, pepitas, and sesame seeds — the epitome of #brunchgoals.

Two Hands Cafe, Multiple locations in Manhattan.
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Café Henrie
With clubs around Paris and Shanghai, opening a breakfast cafe in NYC wasn't the most expected next move for André Saraiva. But we're so glad he did. Café Henrie's avocado toast is like a party in your mouth, without the closing time.

Café Henrie, 116 Forsyth Street (between Broome and Grand streets); 212-966-0571.
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Café Gitane
Café Gitane is the birthplace of the NYC avo-toast — flooding our social feeds when the dish first broke through. Anyone who's a true toast fan knows that this is the OG spot. The Nolita favorite is frequented by those yearning for a simple mash on some seven-grain toast, drizzled with EVOO, lemon juice, and a sprinkling of red pepper flakes.

Cafe Gitante, Multiple locations in Manhattan; 212-334-9552.
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