Your June Love Horoscope, Revealed


Turn on your love light! Solstice season is in full swing as June 20 marks the longest, brightest day of 2016. This illuminating energy gives us a clear view on everything, including love. Was it just a fling, or could it be the real thing? Is it a temporary relationship or happily ever after? If you're having trouble categorizing, don't worry. Clarity is the gift of this light-filled celestial moment. The summer solstice is also the day each year when the sultry sun moves from flirty, no-strings-attached Gemini into caring, sentimental Cancer. The rush of spring fever is swept away, replaced by a craving for closeness, comfort, and companionship.

And the 2016 solstice is extra special because it arrives with a glowing full moon in Sagittarius, the sign of the adventurer, truth-bearer, and ambassador. Love knows no limits on this magical day — not geographical, cultural, or conversational. Sagittarius is a fire sign, so this full moon will definitely bring some passion and heat. Or if it's time to break free from that same old (unfulfilling) love, this indie-spirited moon gives us all the courage to do what's best for ourselves, even if that means moving on to better things.


Truth bomb! June 3 could bring a big reveal or an important moment of truth. If something's off in a relationship, you won't be able to keep quiet about it. You want conversations to be productive, so ask questions (and listen) instead of flinging accusations. On the 17th, Venus nestles into Cancer followed by the sun on the 20th, bringing out your domestic urges. Feather your nest, because you could soon be entertaining a romantic guest. Ready to set up a cohabitation station? Looking at spacious one-bedrooms could be your main mission toward the end of the month.

Think long and hard before settling down, though. Just when you think you've met “the one” — boom! Someone even more promising pops up to woo you. Coupled Rams may have to loosen up restrictions a bit, at least making it fair play to flirt without crossing any lines. (And maybe not when bae is by your side.) If you're single, revel in it, at least until the 20th, and check out Cupid's sampler platter. That said, erotic can make you neurotic this month, as your ruling planet Mars retrogrades through Scorpio and your seduction zone until the 29th. As fun as it is to banter, you might want to draw the line at basic kissing first, because your heart will get involved. Trust takes time to build, Aries. Besides, making someone wait a little can be a good strategy in June. It shows who's willing to stick around and wait for you.
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