Your May Love Horoscope, Revealed


What a lucky month to be in love! Literally. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, dances a passionate paso doble with romantic goddess Venus, opening hearts everywhere. In technical terms, the two planets form an auspicious 120-degree angle called a trine, which only happens a few times (if that) each year. May 10 is the official date of the trine, and the effects can be felt for a few days before and after.

Jupiter is the cosmic gambler and supersizer. Whatever it beams on gets bigger — well, make that massive. If you're feeling the love, there's no holding back now. May could bring a flurry of fast engagements, key exchanges, and elopements. Jet-setting Jupiter also sparks cross-cultural attractions and vacation romances. Couples should definitely travel together in May, especially when Jupiter ends its retrograde after the 9th. Of course, this all comes with a downside. Lovers' quarrels will get inflamed by the planet’s truth serum. Thankfully, diplomatic Venus can help you address touchy topics without losing your cool. Buckle up; May will be quite the ride.


Feather your nest, Aquarius. In May, you could be entertaining a special guest star, cooking dinner for your spring crush, or even setting up your cohabitation station. As planets circulate through your domestic zone, home is where your heart is. You could meet that "kid tested, mother approved" guy or girl near the new moon on the 6th. On the 10th, daring Jupiter sends a sultry (and NSFW) message to amorous Venus, and things could get steamy! An intense attraction heats up behind closed doors — one that's been quietly percolating. Schedule some one-on-one time near that day and, poof, it's on.

Already taken? You could take the leap and go all in with your boo. (Do we hear bells?) On the 20th, the sun bursts into Gemini and your passionate, glamorous fifth house for a month. Couch-potato time is over, Aquarius. Bring on the dress-up dates and sexy soirees. You could meet your mate on the dance floor...don't rule it out. The full moon on the 21st fires a warning shot: Are you treating your crush the same way you do your 1,001 friends? As the sign of universal love, you can forget to make a partner feel special, which can water down the attraction or stir up jealousy. Don't make that mistake in May, or a good one could slip away.
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