Your Money M.O. Profile: Keeping Up With The Joneses


Saying “no” to a lavish Miami trip or boozy brunch at a hot new restaurant just isn’t something you do, and your credit card bills reflect that. Your life is #Instafabulous, and you’re chronicling it for the ‘gram. Everyone is jealous of your luxe lifestyle, and you just smile when anyone asks how you can afford it. Anything is possible when you defer your student loans and opt out of your 401(k) — you want to buy things you can actually see or experience, not mess around with accounts that feel completely severed from your everyday life.

It’s not like you’re irresponsible — your credit card hasn’t been declined or anything. You just pick quality over quantity. Coughing up the cash for a designer bag that’s 10% off makes much more sense to you than getting a basic leather tote you’ll be tired of in a few months. And you love treating your friends. You’ll always be the first one to throw down your credit card to cover the drinks tab…without actually looking at the bill. You’re the friend who sends beautiful flowers after a dinner party and treats pals to a bottle of Champagne on their birthdays. And sometimes thinking about all those purchases keeps you up at night. But hey, you like to live for today. Who cares about a five-year plan?

You have a great job, and you’re sure you can work things out if you ever get into real financial trouble. But maybe it’s time to consider trading in a few of those sunset boat rides for some financially savvy decisions.

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