Why Blake Lively Chose To Do Her First Nude Scene In Her New Movie

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From Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants to Gossip Girl to The Shallows, Blake Lively has done it all. Well, almost all. Despite her wide variety of roles, Lively has always shied away from any type of work that would require her to appear nude. That is, until now. Her upcoming drama All I See Is You, which hits theaters October 27, contains the first nude scene of her career, but it was a pretty big decision.

All I See Is You tells the story of Gina (Lively) and her husband James (Jason Clarke). After losing her sight due to a car accident at a young age, Gina is finally offered a corneal transplant as an adult. She regains her vision, which ends up totally upending her marriage. Then, she starts to lose it again, and things get even more disturbing.

Director Marc Forster, for his part, was dead-set on keeping the nude scene in. It's why Lively's agents almost never showed her the script. Despite this fact, she decided to take a look.

"I thought well, [Forster]’s not unmoving," she told Vanity Fair in an interview. "Let me read it and if it’s great, then I’ll [talk] him out of it."

But she didn't have to. Upon reading the script, she totally fell in love. Lively realized that the nudity was actually so important to the story — a complete 180 from how she used to feel about those scenes.

"I always find nudity distracting," she explained. "I’m very in love with my husband, but if there’s a pair of boobs out, I’m a human being! You’re like 'boobs!' It doesn’t mean I’m lusting for them, [but] when there’s naked boobies, you look at them."

This wasn't the only adjustment she had to make. In order to prepare for a role that involves varying levels of blindness, she relied on blackout glasses, contacts, and the advice of blind friends to figure out how to accurately portray the condition. And it wasn't easy.

"I don’t remember a moment that we weren’t filming," she said. "It was the most intense film I’d ever been on...You just stop sleeping at night."

Watch the trailer for All I See Is You below.

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