7 Important Style Lessons From '80s Teens

Photo: Via YouTube.
Oh '80s teens: Is there anything they don't know? They knew that Ronald Reagan sucked, that one must always avoid the Noid, and that the Go-Gos and The Smiths were the best bands of all time. And, it turns out that they knew their fashion stuff, too — as this recently-unearthed video shows.
Filmed by Scott Hayden in 1984, when he was a student at Antioch High School in California, the clip asks a diverse group of students what fashion means to them. And, the answers are extremely important, even 30 years later. We would expect no less from girls with braces and undercuts, and who wear rosary beads with hospital scrubs.
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Watch the video, then click on for their style lessons.
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Photo: Via YouTube.
Leigh Smitten
Definition of fashion: "What the public eye likes to look at," which apparently is just a fancy way of saying "clothes." Also, sometimes girls wearing really big biker jackets and scary earrings are super quiet and sweet, and need Wendy to protect them from jocks (awww).
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Doug Rogers
No one will tease you about the way you dress or cut your hair if you are a beautiful, jut-jawed (if slightly dim) popular boy with cool surfer highlights. Real talk, hard truths.
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Leslie Fenton
"Basically, I'm not here for fashion. I'm just here to be myself." Also, sometimes, haters gonna hate, just because you're different. Also, spending 60 bucks on a pair of pants is bunk. *Insert 'Preach' gif here.*
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Rick Watson
Just be yourself, man. Wear what you wanna wear. Let your skater boy wedge cut sparkle in the sun like Christian Slater's smile. (In other words, '80s Cali boys stayed baked.)
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Trob Taylor
"Ska is from England" Actually, no, let's try again. Ska is "kinda like Duran Duran." Also false. But, whatever, man. We were all young and trying to learn stuff once. Also, we respect your rat tail and army-shirt game.
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Stephanie Marshall
"Dressing the way you want to and being in with the times" means SO many scarves, giant coats, and Bow Wow Wow hair. As the youngs say these days, #YAS.
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Wendy Robot
First of all, unless I misheard this third-generation, decades-old VHS tape wrong, yes, her name really is Wendy Robot. And according to her, fashion is "an outlook of personality," which means Wendy's personality is black and wearing a cloche like a fancy lady about to take a train in a Howard Hawks film. Oh, and people shouldn't be mean to Leigh. Awwwww.