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How To Create 3 Different Curls Using A Flat Iron

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Here's a secret: Marketers want you to think that hair and beauty products have only one purpose. But, we know that lipstick can double as blush, mascara as a brow gel, and a flat iron as a curling iron. Yes, the styling tool you once thought was only relegated to stick-straight strands can also give you curls. In fact, we're demonstrating exactly how to create three totally different curls with just one flat iron right here.
Watch above as our model uses a regular flat iron to create romantic finger waves, wild curls, and tousled, woke-up-like-this tresses. But, before you try any of these tricks at home, make sure to protect your hair with a heat-protectant spray along with a few other Pantene necessities. Now, ready to make your flat iron work overtime? Click play.
Written by Jada Wong, Photographed by Mark Iantosca, Styled by Willow Lindley, Hair Expertise by Jacqueline Cookson and Monaé Everett, Shot by Ryan Stumpe, Shot by Giga Shane, Edited by Amanda Madden. Advertisement

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1 Flat Iron, 3 Totally Different CurlsReleased on December 22, 2014