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The Right Way To Apply Your Skin-Care Products

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In a perfect world, we'd just slap on some cream and all of our problems would be solved. Wrinkles would disappear, and our complexions would be healthy, dewy, glowy, rosy, and all those other -ys that come with gorgeous skin. Sadly, it's not that easy — if you want your creams to work wonders, you've got to know how to use them properly.

How we apply our products makes a big difference in how well they work. Plus, putting them on unintelligently can be detrimental to your skin health. (So, for the love of all things holy, please stop dragging your ring finger across your undereyes when you slather on your eye cream.)

Watch the lovely Eden as she demonstrates the right way to put on your go-to skin-care products, from moisturizer to facial oil. Your skin will be much happier.