5 Back-Pocket Outfits For Last-Minute Dates

Dinner and a movie: It's a standard. But, truthfully, we find traditional date night...kind of overrated. All the pomp and circumstance we give to these outings — while sometimes necessary (hello, first dates) — can make them feel incredibly contrived. So, instead of overhyping, we’re ditching the fuss and embracing spontaneity this weekend. And, this includes sportier outings like mini golf and baseball games as well as daytime to-dos like brunch or artsy ones like gallery hopping.
Weekend plans still up in the air? Shoot the object of your affection a text and propose a less expected rendezvous. We admit these aren't the craziest ideas ever, but, hey, they probably aren't your go-to — and that's a good thing, in our opinion. Ahead, we crafted five back-pocket looks that won’t make you feel like a try-too-hard. Will your date be as cute as your outfit? Here’s hoping.
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Baseball Game
Maybe you and your special someone have a long-standing Yankees-versus-Red Sox rivalry. Or, perhaps neither of you is really invested in the sport beyond eating hot dogs, drinking beer, and partaking in the spectacle of it all. Wherever you fall, the lively atmosphere basically guarantees a good time. Kiss cam, anyone? (Feel free to replicate this date model for soccer, hockey, basketball, and so on.)
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Movie Night In The Park
For an evening at an outdoor film screening, ditch those strappy heels and kick it with a pair of easy slip-on Vans instead — after all, your feet might want to flirt with the grass at some point. Pair your metallic sneaks with a graphic crop tank and billowing neutral culottes for a look that is sure to be more quirky chic than the rom-com heroine you're rooting for.

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Romantic Night In
Who says a romantic evening can't be achieved from inside your apartment? Cook some pasta, drink wine, and enjoy each other's company away from all those outside influences. And, keep your outfit relaxed — this is a great opportunity to break out a sexy nightie or slip dress. Then, catch up on The Walking Dead together, gaze lovingly into each other's eyes, or simply have a conversation. It doesn't have to be that complicated, people.
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Gallery Hopping
These occasions usually require a slightly more avant-garde dress code. Consider this an opportunity to experiment. Try an artfully printed, see-through crop top — like this Julien David style — teamed with an emerald midi-skirt and lacy bralette. Pair it with candy-wrapper-style silver pumps and a perforated crossbody for an ensemble that's just as eye-catching as the art on display.
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Mini Golf
Evoke those childhood memories with a good ol' game of mini golf — really, this is as playful a date as they come. Relaxed, cropped jeans and a cool camisole layered over a white tee says, "I'm here to have a good time, but I don't take myself too seriously." Pretty perfect, we'd say.
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Sunday Brunch
There's something about a daytime date that tends to make people anxious. Like, somehow things will go terribly wrong without the dim lighting and presence of alcohol. If you're of this mindset, then a brunch date is the perfect compromise for you and your dining companion. Mimosas will no doubt be involved, and you'll now also have a chance to show off your polished, day-to-day style. What's more, the addition of a quirky iPhone case will make your obligatory eggs Benedict 'gram all the more charming.

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