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Make Greasy Hair Look Good — Really!

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Grease — great on pizza, not so stellar on your mane. When oils build up, they can make locks look limp, dirty, flat, and way too shiny. We're not so big on washing our hair every day (too much effort), but sometimes, dry shampoo can only do so much. What's a slicked-up sister supposed to do?
Well, this quick tutorial is a good start. Watch as model Taylor shows you a pro tip for making greasy strands look gorgeous — without having to wash them. From the proper way to apply your dry shampoo (chances are half of you are doing it wrong) to a nifty way to make roots look less oily, follow along to learn how to put that hair-washing session off just one more day.

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Greasy Hair Styling TipsReleased on April 14, 2014