Where To Take The PERFECT Instagram

Call your camera — it's time you had the talk...you have something new, and it's actually the iPhone you're calling from. Photography is becoming less of a way to preserve moments and more of a 'like' generator, so goodbye, old clunky cams! With our lightweight phone-and-camera-inclusive devices all charged up, we're each an Insta-Ansel Adams in the making (or at least that's how we feel). But here in New York, where we're surrounded by some of the world's most spectacular (and gawked at) landmarks, snapping a pic that hasn't already been posted on Instagram five bajillion times is virtually impossible. For that reason, we've scoured the city far and wide to gather some lesser-known spots where you can capture the most likeable 'grams. Use this guide, skip out on the selfies — unless they're immaculate, and you'll be sure to discover some of New York's most photogenic secrets. That perfect Instagram is just a hop (stop) away.
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Photo: Courtesy of @SpencerSchutte.
The Bridge At Tudor City
Looking down 42nd street, this tourist-free overpass catches the absolute best sunsets any New Yorker (or non-New Yorker) has ever seen.
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Photo: Courtesy of @rindyl.
Abandoned Smallpox Hospital
Left to be engulfed by nature almost half a century ago, the 1856 hospital leaves for some creepy snaps. Roosevelt Island? Try Shutter Island.
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Photo: Courtesy of @materialjunky.
Tom Fruin Water Tower
Not every water tower should be Instagrammed, but artist Tom Fruin has made this DUMBO lookout a masterpiece that steals every show.
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Photo: Courtesy of @SpencerSchutte.
The Cloisters
While The Met's Cloisters are just in Washington Heights, the medieval-themed museum transports every visitor to Benedictine monastery.
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Photo: Courtesy of @thegabrielquiroz.
New York Botanical Garden
Flora and fauna unite at the pinnacle of Manhattan Horticulture. It's impossible not to catch a romantically peaceful photo at this green-filled sanctuary.
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Photo: Courtesy of @joedoe.
Stone Street Historic District
The 1660 street, formally known as 'Brewers Street,' was renamed for its cobblestone streets. Originally part of New Amsterdam, the majority of the district was burnt down in Great Fire of 1835. Despite the damage, the time-warp imagery persists.
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Photo: Courtesy of @bluntbreak.
Brooklyn Bridge
This New York landmark is one of the city's most photo ready, with geometrical crosshatching and mind-bending illusionary perspectives.
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Photo: Courtesy of @truth1900.
Green Wood Cemetery
The Père Lachaise of New York houses some of the most extravagent tombstones. While the visit may be a bit dark, the pictures that result from it will be anything but remorseful.
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Photo: Courtesy of @stewyiscool.
Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Perfect for a FiDi silhouette, the park captures weather and skyline from its cross-the-water grounds.
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Photo: Courtesy of @Rachel_Reid_.
Belvedere Castle
This Central Park gem catches some of the least Manhattan style photos in the city. Like straight from a medieval swamp, few would guess it's in the heart of NYC.
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Photo: Courtesy of @Refinery29.
Smorgasburg Williamsburg
Grab the best food-truck bites you've ever tasted and throw them up in front of this unmatched beach-gone-skyline view. No one is ready for food porn this addictive.
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Photo: Courtesy of @giseled.
Staten Island Tugboat Graveyard
Where tugboats go to die, this haunting aqua cemetery is a place to snatch some pics that'll be very unexpected additions to anyone's instagram feed.
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Photo: Courtesy of @PaulBarbera.
Mandarin Oriental
The upscale hotel has one of the most unique views in the city. Overlooking where nature meets manmade, you can catch the stark contrast between urban and earth.
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Photo: Courtesy of @daguitorodrigues.
Four Freedoms Park
The tributary park that memorializes President Roosevelt transforms shrubbery into architecture, resulting in some of the most serene and minimalist aesthetics possible.
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Photo: Courtesy of @rhysgilyeat.
Fort Tryon Park
The park alone houses greenery and gardens that are very gram-worthy, but the Billings Estate tunnel is a massive enclosure that swallows any photo errors.
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Photo: Courtesy of @SpencerSchutte.
Hudson River Promenade
To fool your friends into thinking you've hopped on over to Miami, the Hudson River Promenade is the most convincing spot to do just that.
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Photo: Courtesy of @matthewdon.
Pomander Walk
The Upper West Side tudor complex was originally built as a London-style apartment complex. Now, it's a photo-op that's almost good as actually crossing the pond.
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Photo: Courtesy of @newyorkcity.
Staples Street
The overpass on Staples Street has been painted, mimicked, and honored by artists and passerbyers alike. But, despite its timeless presence, it has yet to become an insta-celeb.
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Photo: Courtesy of @javierdei.
Top Of The Rockefeller Center
Most flock to summit of the Empire State Building to catch that iconic city view, but The Top Of The Rock lets you get all that with the Empire State Building, too! Turn around, and you're looking at Central Park in it's entirety.
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Photo: Courtesy of @MidtownCoffee.
The Ravine
This Central Park secret is home to waterfalls and tranquil surroundings. Convince those followers you've ditched the city life to get a little off the grid action.
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Photo: Courtesy of @KendallCoxPark.
Old City Hall Station
If you stay on the 6 train going downtown, you'll loop around through the Old City Hall Station. Known otherwise as the Ghost Station, the 1920's throwback is rarely seen.