Oh Snap! 7 Tips To A Great Selfie

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    Let's clear the air before we dive headfirst (one arm extended above our beautiful visages) into the art of the selfie: There is no shame in taking a picture of yourself. Go for it; find the best mirror, perfect your duck pout, and snap that pic. Of course, achieving the perfect selfie is truly an art. A well-executed self-taken snapshot doesn't just capture your day as is and provide a couple of mood-boosting likes, but it can also make you feel good about yourself — especially when you look back on your funniest/loveliest faces.

    There are two kinds of selfies out there: the selfie you've prepped in advance and the spontaneous selfie — the I-feel-fabulous-and-have-to-capture-this-moment kind of selfie. Figure out where you fall on the selfie spectrum, take out your camera, and get snappin'. These seven tips are the lifeblood of the art. Read them, learn them, become them. Feeling less selfie self-conscious is your new M.O.

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