5 Kitchen Tools That Will Take You From Wannabe To Foodie

Whether you eat to live or live to eat, wouldn't it be nice to go into your kitchen and whip up something — that isn't cereal? You know it would. And now, it can actually happen! We're teaming up with Lucky Peach and Williams-Sonoma to give 10 gourmets-in-training the ultimate meal ticket. You'll score a Williams-Sonoma Open Kitchen Cookware set with all the essentials, plus five issues of Lucky Peach magazine, and Lucky Peach's new cookbook, 101 Easy Asian Recipes, for culinary education and inspiration. Enter here to win — and keep reading about the kitchen tools every aspiring home cook needs.

Eating healthy, delicious food is one of the most empowering things you can do on a daily basis. But if the only thing you can "make yourself" is reservations or a takeout order, it’s time to step away from the Seamless and assess the situation. The biggest reasons people don’t cook are because they don’t know how and/or they don’t have the tools. Good news: Learning to cook has never been easier, thanks to the internet, which enables you to watch video tutorials — or just email your grandma for her secret recipes. Even better news: We’ve got the scoop on the five kitchen tools every home gourmet needs. Click through to dig in.
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Open Kitchen Single Peeler

The produce section has met its match. This stainless-steel peeler removes the skins or rinds from all your favorite fruits and veggies, so you can focus on making them delicious. Even more appealing: It’ll last forever.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Williams-Sonoma.
Open Kitchen Ice Cream Scoop

Serving ice cream shouldn’t be an upper-body workout. This scoop gives you the leverage to conquer even the most frozen Ben & Jerry’s pint. Yoga’s way better for your arms, anyway.
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The Orange Chef Co. iPad® Stand

Remember your grandma’s old cookbooks, with their food-splattered pages and sticky photos? Now, cooking with guidance is a lot more sanitary. This sturdy stand has two angles, for close-up and faraway viewing. Use it to follow along with cooking videos — or catch up on Real Housewives while you’re making dinner.
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Glass Prep Bowls

It takes bowls to really mix it up in the kitchen. This stackable glass set of eight has you covered with two sizes — 5.5 oz and 12 oz — that can stand microwaving and freezer storage. They're even pretty enough for serving.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Williams-Sonoma.
Antica Oil Dispenser

A kitchen without olive oil is like a house without a roof, an office without Wi-Fi, a winter without tights… What we’re trying to say is that it’s not okay, not at all. This glass-and-stainless-steel cruet keeps food’s most versatile ingredient at the ready. Plus, it boasts a control flow to ensure you pour just the right amount — even after a few glasses of wine.

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