17 Silver Vixens Who Will Have You Canceling Your Next Dye Job

If you thought we'd only round up our favorite silver foxes and leave out the vixens, you thought wrong. As much as we write about hair dye and gray prevention, we love seeing a woman own the silver hair look. Despite our attempts to reverse time, the follicle reality is that our hair ages. Hollywood seems to want to reject that idea, and as such, has created a double standard: Men can go gray no matter their age, but it's a different story with women. The gray should be kept away for as long as womanly possible, and that doesn't sit well with us.
So, while we respect any woman who immediately heads to the salon the moment she discovers a gray strand, we love a confident silver-haired girl. These 13 woman are shattering the dreaded Gray Lady stereotype and inspiring us to embrace the inner silver vixen in all of us no matter how old we are.
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Photo: Courtesy of Karen Walker.
Style icon Joyce Carpati puts even the fullest blonde braided crown to shame with her silvery mane.
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Photographed by Amelia Alpaugh.
Maayan Zilberman started graying at a young age, and did what any woman would've done — colored it. We thought differently and showed her how to embrace her roots.
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Photo: Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar.
Teruko Laura Burrell is not only one of Harper's Bazaar's Fabulous at Every Age finalists, but she's one of our biggest hair-spirations, too. The things we would do to get those silvery curls.
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Photo: Jonathan Hordle/Rex/Rex USA.
Dame Judi Dench rotates her palette from white-blonde to gray, and makes it work every time.
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Photo: Courtesy of Dazed & Confused.
Kristen McMenamy's gray mane is so naturally unnatural that she's transcended the spectrum.
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Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages.
Blythe Danner isn't afraid to show the world exactly how a blonde goes gray, and we love her for that.
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Photo: Courtesy of MAC.
Iris Apfel. Need we say more?
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Photographed by Kava Gorna
We challenge you to find a cooler woman who not only owns the silver look, but embodies it like Linda Rodin.
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Photo: Courtesy of Arts & Ideas.
Charlayne Hunter-Gault's gray curls are almost as impressive as her journalism archive and work with NPR.
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Photo: Picture Perfect/Rex USA.
Jamie Lee Curtis has been rocking shades of gray for years — and they've only gotten better with time.
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Photo: Richard Young/Rex/Rex USA.
She looked fantastic as the red-headed Weasley mother in Harry Potter, but Julie Walters' silver embrace is simply magical.
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Photo: Jonathan Hordle/Rex/Rex USA.
Dame Helen Mirren is so comfortable with her hair that she died it pink. While we love a Dame with some edge to her, we think Mirren's gray 'do only adds to her elegance.
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Photo: Greg Allen/Rex USA.
There's a reason Carmen Dell'Orefice is still a top model, and that white mane is one of 'em.
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Photo: BEImages/Jim Smeal.
Olympia Dukakis' dome has been kissed with snow. We may or may not have considered heeding her Moonstruck advice and going to confession for the things we would to do grey like her.
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Photographed by Mark Iantosca.
Oh, to be Linda Fargo, the ringleader of all things stylish at Bergdorf Goodman and an grey-spiration to us all. We are not worthy.
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Photo: REXUSA.
Dear Emmylou Harris, Please write a song on how to rock gray-dient tone like a true rock star. Please.
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Photo: BEImages/CarolynContino.
It only makes sense that a woman as effortlessly elegant as Vanessa Redgrave would have an effortlessly elegant silvery coif.