7 Insanely Good Hot Cocoas That'll Make You Love Winter

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    UPDATE: Brrrr...anyone else feel that chill? Warm up this February weekend with some delicious cocoa. This story was originally published on January 4.

    The post-holiday season can feel a little bit like a deflating balloon — the hype and excitement are over, the presents are opened, and loved ones have likely cleared out, leaving your digs sort of quiet and lonely. But cheer up, buttercup — you've still got plenty to be excited about this winter. Let us turn your attention to one of the very best things about the coming months: hot chocolate.

    Yes — lest you forget, we have entered the only season where it's socially acceptable to consume a cup of liquid chocolate at 7 o'clock in the morning. Or at midnight. Or whenever we need something to counteract the cold and dreary weather. And so, we made it our mission to find the very best cups of hot chocolate in the DMV. Just say no to the Swiss Miss, and refer to this handy guide whenever a cocoa craving hits. Post-holiday blues, begone!

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