H&M Is Stocking The Best Swimsuits For Spring

Over the last few years, H&M has dropped some heartbreakingly good swimwear. While bad for our indecisive shopping habits, that fact is far from a secret since sizes (plus and straight) tend to sell out pretty quickly. And with prices that typically ring in under $50, we can see why. This time around, we're itching to get a head start: The site recently dropped its best spring deliveries, and our dream summer getaways are calling.
Featuring an array of cutout one-pieces, off-the-shoulder monokinis, and even a long-sleeved bikini set, H&M's swim selection is still at the top. Where many fast fashion retailers (cough) have verged toward ripping off indie swimwear brands, H&M's found its own footing in merging up-and-coming swim trends with classic silhouettes. The result? Cute and affordable swimwear that's trend-inspired as opposed to trend rip-offs.
Up ahead is a roundup of the best H&M swimsuits we're looking to buy right now, because la playa is already calling. Whether you're more of a one-piece-by-the-pool kind of gal or looking to skirt those tan lines with a string bikini, your must-have piece is just an "add to cart" click away.