Triangle Braids Are The Protective Style Celebs Are Loving This Fall

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If summer is for wash-and-gos, then fall and winter were made for box braids. If you're growing out a tapered cut or overworked your 'fro with one too many shampoos, then a protective style is an easy-peasy way to make sure your curls and coils are poppin' come springtime.
But what happens when you're in a braid rut? "The word 'box' makes you believe you can only section the hair in this form," Vernon François, celebrity hairstylist and founder of the Vernon François Collection, tells us. "For me, this doesn’t suit the majority of faces."
So Vernon, along with stylists all over the country, are switching up the shapes by using triangular parts, especially towards the front. "I find this beautifully frames the face and makes my clients feel elegant," he says. Stasha Harris of Brooklyn's Magic Fingers Studio agrees. "Triangle braids are just more stylish and trendy now," she says. "At least 95% of my box braid clients get these parts."
Looking for a change? Ahead, see some of the triangle braids that we're loving — and get a few more tips from Harris.
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"People are wearing bigger braids than they were before," Harris says. "Before, you'd wear them small and then you'd have no edges. With bigger braids, your hair is protected more and you can get more creative."

A style like this is perfect for celebs like Teyana Taylor. She changes her hairstyle every two days, and doesn't have to spend too much time in the chair (only to turn around and take them right out).
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Another perk of this look? "When I do triangle braids, they're easier for me and quicker to finish," Harris says.
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Take a look at the pattern here, done by @ezbeautified in Atlanta. "Some people make their braids look like stars," Harris says.
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Harris says that she typically uses two to three packs of hair for bra strap-length braids, and one more for waist and butt-length plaits.
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Bun? More like crown, crafted by @QTheBraider.
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Or, if you don't want to go that big, you can leave half of your braids down like @lacymcgauley.
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Check out how @hairbysusy did these intricate mini cornrows in-between the larger braids.
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Once your braids loosen up, you can assemble your Bantu knots like Vernon did here. It's a work of art!
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