Are Wells Adams & Danielle Maltby Dating After Bachelor In Paradise Filming?

Photo: Bob D'Amico/ABC.
Bachelor In Paradise hasn't exactly given us a love story to root for yet. Taylor Nolan and Derek Peth basically pulled a Step Brothers (but for a romantic relationship) during their first moments on BIP and never looked back. Dean Unglert keeps lowering his Internet Boyfriend status. Raven Gates is being pursued by a near-unsettling number of suitors. Amid all of this madness, one duo has become a dark horse couple to ship: Danielle Maltby and Wells Adams.
During Tuesday night's "Week 2, Part 2," Danielle decides to leave Paradise to pursue a charity opportunity in Kenya. The nurse feels confident in her choice because she's not really feeling butterflies with any of the BIP men and doesn't think "her person" is in Mexico right now. Before leaving, Danielle says goodbye to Wells, who is her longtime friend and the resident bartender. The moment is filled with tension since both pals spent most of the episode pondering their quasi-romantic feelings about each other to respective friends. When Danielle leaves, Wells walks her out and dramatically seals the farewell with a kiss, saying, "If anyone deserved to find someone here, it was you." In the car, Danielle wonders, "Maybe he's been under my nose this whole time."
Now, fans are wondering if Danielle and Wells are an item, since this kiss happened weeks ago, leaving enough time for a relationship to start in the mean time. We investigated all the evidence out there to find out the truth.
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Their Backstory & The Marriage Pact

Danielle and Wells have been friends for years, as both hail from the city of Nashville and hang out with the same group of friends. During “Week 2, Part 2,” Wells even confirms to Jack Stone he and Danielle went on a date “maybe like four years ago.” But, things didn’t turn physical after their sole date, and the pair “fell into” a platonic friendship. As Wells explains his history with Danielle to Jack Stone, he sounds obviously regretful, admitting he “erred on the side of caution.”

Despite their past trepidations about a relationship, Danielle and Wells agree to a classic marriage pact one night during Paradise. Tellingly, they agree to wed at “40,” but decide they’ll actually get married in “five years,” which is pretty darn soon — especially since Danielle and Wells will only be 36 and 38, respectively, at that point.

It simply sounds like these two longtime friends are itching to get married to each other, but don’t know how to vocalize that feeling.
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Their General Twitter Behavior

Twitter proves Danielle and Wells are social media best friends. Last week, Wells told fans he wouldn’t be their friend anymore if they skipped Danielle’s upcoming Bachelor In Paradise viewing party-slash-fundraiser in their shared home city of Nashville. That same day, Danielle heaped praise on Wells, calling him “the most genuine human.”

Wells has also been busy favoriting tweets about his burgeoning relationship with Danielle, including one calling for the “friends” to get their own Freeform spin-off series, à la failed couple Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell.
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Their General Instagram Behavior

The friendly atmosphere continues on Instagram, where Wells posted a late-July Boomerang video of himself and “Danny” sharing a hot dog. Wells and Danielle also appeared in photos from that previously-mentioned fundraiser, which went down on Tuesday, August 22. The pics from Danielle’s event had a distinctly friendly aesthetic, with none of the kissing we saw on Paradise popping back up again.
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This Suspicious Tweet

If a guy compares himself to The O.C.’s Seth Cohen (Adam Brody), who would he compare the possible love of his life to? Summer (Rachel Bilson), of course. Yet, Wells didn’t say Danielle is the Summer to his burrito-loving Seth.

Wells recently responded to a fan tweet previewing a much-hoped-for Wells Bachelor season with a GIF from The O.C. He wrote, “I assume I'm Seth and @chrisbharrison is Ryan. @daniellemmaltby is Marissa, @kristinaschulma is Summer.” Considering the fact Marissa dies, this isn’t exactly the type of tweet anyone would write about their girlfriend.
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This Suspicious Photo

The biggest hint something romantic might be going on between Danielle and Wells comes from a single photo by Carly Waddell. The forever friends posed for a picture with Carly Waddell and husband Evan Bass, who met and wed on Paradise, along with implied Paradise season 4 success story Taylor Nolan and Derek Peth.

“We love love!!!” Carly captioned the photo. “Here's to hoping it works out for everyone like it did for us!”

Is this a hint there is something for Danielle and Wells to actually work out? The photo certainly paints the pair as two people who still might be dating after the cameras turned off. Or, Carly knows how to play the Bachelor Nation game after multiple seasons.
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Their Behavior In Comparison To Confirmed BIP Couples

Since Paradise season 4 premiered, immediate couple Taylor and Derek have mostly stayed away from posting about each other on social media — otherwise how could there be any televised tension between them if we all know they’re still going strong. The co-stars barely even tweet at each other. The only obvious Instagram hint fans have gotten that Taylor and Derek are likely still going strong is a recent photo Taylor shared of the pair at Carly and Evan’s gender reveal party. Interestingly, the snapshot is a group photo, which strongly minimizes any possible romantic vibes between the supposed couple.

However, after performing some careful social media detective work, we found out Derek’s mom, Maria Peth, recently liked a solo photo of Taylor’s. To us, that’s classic boyfriend’s mom behavior.

On the other hand, Danielle and Wells aren’t being nearly as hush-hush with their relationship, whatever it is. As we’ve mentioned, they consistently tweet jokes at each other and appear in Instagram photos together. That doesn’t exactly sound like they’re trying to build intrigue, which makes sense, since Danielle left Paradise behind and Wells isn’t looking for love on the reality show.
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The Consensus

Very few facts — other than Carly’s purposefully rumormill-driving Instagram photo — hint towards a current Danielle and Wells romantic relationship. However, Danielle did just get back from her charity-focused trip to Kenya, where she worked to provide healthcare to local children. Obviously, she’s had a lot on her mind since that trip, so it’s possible the friends merely haven’t dealt with those “things” they had to talk about, as Danielle mentioned in her final Paradise scene. Or, maybe they did have that much-needed conversation and decided to remain friends, as they did after that date four years ago.

Either way, we were promised a Maltby-Adams wedding by 2022 if these two don’t find other love interests soon.