You Can Order Adidas x Alexander Wang Season 2 Via Chatbot

Photo: Devin Yalkin/Adidas
Update: On Saturday morning, posters and billboards teasing the collection across Manhattan will be flipped over to reveal the actual collection, which you can shop beginning at 12 p.m. via Chatbot. If you're downtown all of the product codes will be printed on the corner of Greenwich and Clarkson Streets, which will act as a hub for the activation (customers will need a product code in order to purchase items from the collaboration) — if not, information (via posters and billboards) will be scattered throughout the city as well (it's grown-up game of I Spy, if you will). Click through to see the entire offering and plot your attack. May the force be with you.
This story was originally published July 25, 2017.
New York City is a catalog, and we’re just trying to shop. Especially when we're talking about season 2 of Adidas Originals by Alexander Wang. As first speculated in January, the purveyors of all things cool are back at it again with a second drop of their unisex collaboration. But this time, there's a twist.
In an odd (read: unexpected) pairing, the duo is bringing together raving (quintessential Wang) and cycling (quintessential Adidas) culture for season 2, tapping into the plight of New York bike messengers, who, with a simple text, answer your streetwear prayers and deliver your piece (or pieces) of choice directly to your doorstep.
“Fueled by adrenaline and excess, the protagonist of the campaign symbolize a youthful spirit of freedom,” the press release read. Furthering that narrative, on July 29 — when the collection is released in New York — billboards and postings will pop up across the city, advertising the pieces, as well as the phone number (917-512-7715) you’ll need to text to buy. Next level, right? After you place your order, a messenger — wearing the collection — will deliver your duck tape-wrapped package. What else would you expect from the same people who sold their debut offering via unmarked vans (and packed in garbage bags)?
Because it’s Alexander Wang and he is nothing if not a master of visuals, there collection is accompanied by a film directed by Ryan Staake, where bike messengers are seen speeding past posters with the phone number above. A curious bystander follows into a warehouse rave, bikes home, and passes out at dawn.
Sounds like an average day in the life of fashion's consummate club kid.