10 Genius Game Of Thrones-Themed Snacks To Eat While You Watch The Premiere

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This story was originally published on July 13, 2017.
Game Of Thrones returns this Sunday, July 16, a fact that you either don't care about or don't need to be reminded of (because that date has been etched in your brain for months now). What will happen when Daenerys returns to Westeros? Will we finally have Jon Snow's paternity confirmed? What the heck is going to happen in King's Landing now that literally everyone has been blown to bits?
The answers may elude us for now, but we do know one question we can answer for you: "What should I serve at my viewing party?" Because there's nothing like gathering together with a few friends who also can watch the opening credits and immediately note with you which locations have been cut or added. Some things are better shared, and Game Of Thrones is one of them.
To entertain your friends, you can, of course, order takeout or create elaborate dishes from the official cookbook. Or you could serve some of our super-easy ideas that just require an ironic name. You know, instead of serving Sno Balls, give your guests Jon Snow Balls. And, as they oooh and aaah, remember you have no dirty dishes and pat yourself on the back.
Ahead, ten ways to serve your guests Game Of Thrones food that's as punny as it is easy to make.
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The Dish: Dragon Eggs

Easter may be months ago now, but candy has a long shelf life — and can still be tracked down from places like Amazon. Classic Cadbury eggs rewrapped in a more dragon-appropriate foil would work, but are a bit too DIY for our current purposes. Instead, go with Cadbury's mini eggs, whose brightly-colored shells could just as likely hatch a dragon as they could a bunny.

Other Options: Spicy Deviled Eggs, any clearance egg-shaped Easter candy you might be able to find, dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets you can convince your friends are really dragons
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The Dish: Jon Snow Balls

Pay homage to everyone's favorite youngest, resurrected lord commander with a snack that — like a White Walker — is virtually indestructible. If you want to go really over-the-top, stack them into a Wall of your very own.

Other Options: Jon Snow Cones, Jon Snow Caps
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The Dish: Dornish Wine

Dorne, home of House Martell, produces wine in addition to revenge-seeking royal families. Most of our Westeros wine knowledge comes from (not surprisingly) Tyrion, who loves the stuff. It's brave to consume wine in Westeros considering how many people have died from drinking it, including Robert Baratheon, Joffrey Baratheon, and Jon Arryn, whose job Ned Stark ill-advisedly takes in season one. But such is the price for enjoying a good vintage in one of the most dangerous fictional worlds we've ever encountered.

Other Options: Another wine-producing region, Highgarden, makes Arbor reds and whites. Why not turn your viewing party into a wine-tasting and serve all three?
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The Dish: Lannister Gold

While it's a bit early for Hanukkah, you can track down regular chocolate coins year-round at candy stores. Just make sure you're putting out plenty — the Lannisters have lots. As you hand them out, remind guests that a Lannister always pays their debts.

Other Options: Lannister Goldschläger, Lannister Golden Delicious apples
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The Dish: Onion Knight Rings

Stannis Baratheon might not have had the most riveting storyline (birth of a shadow child notwithstanding), but he did have Davos Seaworth. A former smuggler turned knight, he is often derisively called the Onion Knight as a reminder of his humble beginnings. He clearly doesn't mind, since he also put an onion on his house sigil. In honor of both the loyal knight and the delicious food, we suggest serving up onion rings — whether you choose to make a ketchup/Red God pun with included condiments is up to you.

Other Options: Onion Knight Dip, French Onion Knight Soup
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The Dish: Brienne Of Tarte

No one is particularly happy in the Game Of Thrones universe, but the ultra-serious Brienne falls into a category of loyal knights like Davos and Jorah Mormont that take their jobs really seriously. Which makes us think she might not be super amused by a dessert that's a pun made with her last name. Which is why it's probably good she's not invited to your viewing party anyway.

Other Options: Honestly, we can't come up with another Brienne-related pun. But you could make it even punnier by making it a Jammy Lannister Tarte, too.
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The Dish: Petyr "Little Chicken Finger" Baelish

Little Finger might secretly be the most powerful person in Westeros. And chicken fingers are not-so-secretly the best food on the kid's menu. So good, we don't think they should stay there. Just like Little Finger couldn't stay in Riverrun and knew he was destined for greater things. Chaos is a ladder, but chicken fingers are best served on a platter.

Other Options: Little Fish Fingers, Little Ladyfingers
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Sansa's Lemon Bars

We feel bad that Sansa Stark's dish is more straightforward than punny, since if anyone deserves a laugh its her. Instead, we suggest making a 21st century version of lemon cakes from a box, just add water and eggs.

Other Options: Sansa's Lemon Heads, Sansa's Lemonade
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Raisin Bran Stark

Raisin Bran might be an odd dish to serve at 9 p.m., but then again, whats wrong with breakfast for dinner? Plus, we imagine that Bran might find a sunny mascot (with two scoops of raisins) to be a helpful ally now that winter is officially here.

Other Options: Bran Sark Muffins, Bran Stark Flakes
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A Drink Of Ice & Fire

Even if winter is finally here, we still have plenty of fire, courtesy of the show's recently fully-grown dragons. While spicy margaritas might not be as lethal as a giant reptile that preys on large mammals (including humans), they are certainly dangerous in large quantities. If a post-viewing hangover on Monday worries you, opt for a non-alcoholic take on spicy and chilly by infusing jalapeño and fruit in water. It's a spa water fit for a queen (of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Green Sea, et al.)

Other Options: Watermelon Jalapeño Margaritas