Which Shakespearean Remix Should You Watch Based On Your Sign?

Photo: Courtesy of TNT.
The Bard is experiencing a renaissance on TV this summer thanks to two splashy new shows that put Shakespeare and one of his greatest works front and center. Shonda Rhimes is breaking all of the rules with her new series Still Star-Crossed, which premiered at the end of May and picks up the story of Romeo and Juliet after their deaths. The Montagues and Capulets are still fighting, and the stakes have been raised for love to prevail. It is also set in a beautiful Verona where the rules of race and genetics don’t quite apply.
And Monday night, TNT’s new drama series, Will, hit the scene. This reimagining of Shakespeare as a popular fixture among the theatre crowd in 16th century London is essentially Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll meets Californication in a time machine. If that’s too much to process, here is a simplified version: Shakespeare is hot in Will. The series will follow his rise to fame before he became the most prolific playwright to ever live.
But with two Shakespearean dramas — both of them airing on Monday nights — vying for your viewership, which one should you watch? Looking to the heavens might help. Specifically, where the planets and stars aligned at the time of your birth. Here's how to find the perfect Shakespeare-themed show for your summer viewing pleasure.
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Photo: Courtesy of TNT.
Fire Sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) — Will

Shakespeare arrives in London with nothing but a dream. He, and the host of characters around him, are nothing if not passionate. The meat of the show is in the sex scenes how far people will go to get they want, even if it includes a bit of grandstanding and performance. The vivid colors and exposed chests are your love language.

While his exact date of birth is unknown, Shakespeare was baptized on April 26, meaning that there is a chance that he, himself was an Aries. This makes total sense.
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Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) — Still Star-Crossed

Still Star-Crossed is pretty. It’s a love both gained and lost. People have a lot of emotions in Rhimes’ Verona, which are expressed in a picturesque backdrop of castles and candlelit rooms. You couldn’t have dreamed up a better setting yourself, and by the end of episode 1, you will have already figured out the character you most identify with. You will mull over this for a few days and send Buzzfeed an email, pitching a formal personality quiz. Do your thing.
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Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) — Both

If there is anyone who is willing to go above, no pun intended, and beyond to make sense of these scripted creations, it’s you. The mashup of Shakespeare and rock-star culture in Will is visionary to you. The diversity of Still Star-Crossed? Inspiring. You will make the connections and write the fan theories for both shows. You already have a crush on Laurie Davidson, who plays Will, and you’ve created an Instagram fan for Lashana Lynch (Rosaline) and her glowing complexion. If it makes you feel better, I have already decided to follow the latter.

You are also most likely to have the stamina to watch the shows back-to-back, as Will and Still Star-Crossed air at 9PM and 10PM, respectively, on Mondays.
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Earth Signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) — Neither

Your strong sensibility and reliance on rationality over everything else makes it hard for you to invest in actual Shakespearean work, let alone contemporary remixes. You have never been one to be enchanted by fantasy (with the exception of maybe Game of Thrones or Harry Potter) and neither of these shows feed your need for practicality and, well, common sense. You’re likely to spend all of your time with either show pointing out inaccuracies.

If you must choose: Will is essentially about Shakespeare’s hustle as he attempts to become a great playwright. Earth signs are always attracted to hard work and success stories.