9 Times I Wanted To Be Solange Knowles

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It’s Cancer season, which means I’ll spend much of the next month listening to my late June- and July-born friends reflect on how it feels to be a year older. My Capricorn self will roll my eyes, but there are some emotional Cancers I really love: like Solange Knowles.
Tomorrow, the woman who somehow manages to make Beyoncé even cooler by relation is turning 31. Solange has never been afraid to share with the world exactly how she feels either directly, through her art, or via a viral leaked video. But rather than feel overwhelmed or annoyed by her open heart, I find her to be extremely inspiring. We’re only two years apart in age and on more than one occasion she has been my real #lifegoals.
So let’s look back at some of the moments that made me actually want to be her. Happy birthday, Solange!
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When she fought for her sister, literally.

The only thing we know for sure about the infamous elevator incident is that the family “worked through it,” and that “of course sometimes shit go down when it’s a billion dollars on an elevator.” But I still believe the theory that Solange was defending her big sister’s honor. She’s been outspoken about her close relationship to Bey. I want to love my own sister with the same fierceness and be able to let the men in our lives know we mean business.
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When she refused to hide her pregnancy as a teen.

There is a lot of unnecessary shame and stigma associated with being a teenage mom. Solange gave birth to her son Juelz when she was 18 years old. Although she relocated to Idaho after his birth, she wasn’t in hiding. She proudly showed off her baby bump in the music video for Destiny’s Child’s “Soldier” video and she was all smiles.
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When she looked like a literal angel on Saturday Night Live.

When Solange made her Saturday Night Live! debut, she did two amazing sets, one of which included her rocking a slicked back ponytail underneath a shiny headpiece in the shape of a halo. It was connected by a series of chains and braids. Black women are connoisseurs of braids, but this took things to a completely new level.
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When I heard A Seat At The Table.

Her latest album won her a Grammy and launched a series of creative installations that Solange has been performing across the country. Including interludes from her parents and hip hop icon Master P, she expresses the realities of racism and oppression in a beautiful project that we honestly do not deserve.
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When I saw the videos for A Seat At The Table.

The music videos for “Don’t Touch My Hair” and “Cranes In The Sky” were both stunningly beautiful and visionary.
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When she became a goddess for her wedding day.

Normally, wearing white to someone else’s wedding is the ultimate faux pas. If you’re in the Knowles or Lawson family, however, it’s a requirement. The family tradition started when Solange’s all-white wedding photos went viral in 2014. One day, I, too, hope to become an immortal deity.
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When she boldly reminded the world exactly who her work is for.

Solange has always been an unapologetic voice for Black women. She reiterated this again after this year’s Grammy awards when she spoke to the press. She also made it clear in her record “F.U.B.U.” where she said “this shit is for us.” I hope to never forget that.
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When she and Juelz choreographed “No Flex Zone.”

None of us knew that the Rae Sremmurd hit needed choreography. But it did. Trust me, it did.
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Did I Mention A Seat At The Table?

I’m still not over it.