11 Reasons You Should Be Following SZA On Instagram Right Now

Photo: Roger Kisby/Getty Images.
In the past week, I've seen SZA everywhere I turn. Every Instagram story, every Snapchat replay, every single Spotify playlist. The SZA movement is happening, people. And we won't dare try to stop it.
So, if you're just joining us, who is SZA and why should you care? Before the New Jersey native — born Solána Imani Rowe — hit the mainstream scene, the neo soul singer was dropping critically acclaimed EPs for years. But with her musical return and debut album this month, all eyes seem to be on the 26-year-old again and we know why. Her music is raw and dripping with honesty. And her looks are absolute fire.
Click ahead to see why SZA is the beauty icon we all need this year and try not to save every photo to your Instagram for future inspiration.