RIP All The Random Dead Baes Of Game Of Thrones

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Meet Rakharo. Rakharo is Dothraki, a member of Khal Drogo's personal guard of bloodriders. Rakharo is kind of a bae. Rakharo also happens to be dead.
Everyone I love on Game of Thrones is dead. (Controversial opinion: I do not love Jon Snow.) And in most cases, they died before I even got to learn their name. Such is the sad reality of a show that barely gives a thought to killing off a main cast member, let alone a side-character. But does that mean we should forget about all the Game of Thrones hotties mouldering six-feet-under?
Recently, my colleague Elena Nicolaou took on the daunting task of chronicling all the bloody major character deaths the show has served up over six seasons. (If you want to experience them in real time, I suggest this 21-minute-long video montage.) As I scrolled through this virtual Hall of Faces, I realized that many were bae material. Some I had noticed over years of dedicated fandom, but others were brand new finds! And they deserve to be remembered.
This slideshow is dedicated to all the nameless hotties who have given their lives so that we can enjoy epic battles and bloodshed. Valar Morgulis.
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Syrio Forel, aka First Bae of Braavos

Arya's Braavosi sword-master can teach me how to be a water dancer any day of the week. (We never saw him die onscreen, so I'm crossing my fingers for a season 7 comeback!)
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Lady, aka Queen Bae Of The North

Is there a direwolf version of a thirst trap? Because I'm pretty sure I found it. Shame on Ned Stark.
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Irri, aka We Hardly Knew You Bae

Daenerys' handmaiden deserved better than a gruesome death at the hands of greedy dragon thieves.
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Grenn, aka Bae (of the) Watch

Ah, Grenn. May you always be remembered as the man who held the gate — and the keys to my heart.
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Matthos Seaworth, aka Sailor Bae

Who knew that a man as boring as Davos Seaworth could produce such a leader of men?
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Vardis Egan, aka Loyal Bae

I mean, if anyone was going to fight Bron on behalf of Lysa Arryn, it would be this guy. I love Bronn, but this was a serious loss for Westeros.
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Ros, aka Saddest Bae

Just a little reminder that Joffrey Baratheon was a piece of shit. RIP Ros, you gorgeous thing, you.
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Lord of Bones, aka SkeleBae

I like to imagine that under this scary mask of human bones lies a true stud.
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Rakharo, aka DothraBae

I can confidently say that I wish I was that horse. RIP blood of my blood, my moon and stars, and everything in between.
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Amory Lorch, aka Snitch Bae

No one can escape a Faceless Man on a mission. And while I don't condone Lorch trying to rat out Arya to Tywin Lannister, I think we can all agree that this guy knows his way around a suit of armor.
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Alton Lannister, aka LannisBae

Remember when Jaime killed his cousin in order to escape from prison? No? Neither did I. But that cousin is this guy, Alton Lannister. I get the feeling Cersei might have shown some interest, had he lived.
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Doreah, aka Sex Ed Bae

Okay, so she shouldn't have killed Irri (in a deleted scene, might I add), but this is the woman who taught our Khaleesi how to straddle a man like the queen that she is! She deserves respect.
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Khal Moro, aka Not Drogo Bae

But like, all the Khals, really.
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Locke, aka Limb(er) Bae

Guys! I know he cut off Jaime's hand, and for that we will never forgive him, but don't tell me you haven't had some bad thoughts about this Adam Scott doppelgänger. Also, death-by-Hodor is a pretty dramatic way to go.
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Everyone in Dorne

I would totally live in Dorne but I don't think I would pass the requisite beautiful people entry test. They are divine creatures, and I am only human.